K-8 Students

Eligibility Requirements for students enrolled in K-8th Grade

Students enrolled in K-8th grades as of the 1st day of the semester they plan to attend must meet a variety of requirements before they can be admitted. Students must:

  • Fill out a paper admissions application: This application helps determine whether a student meets the minimum admissions criteria to be eligible to attend.
  • Submit a Supplemental Application for Admission of Students in Grades K-12 form for admissions of Students in Grades K-12. The principal giving the student permission to attend Los Angeles Valley College before graduating from high school must sign the Concurrent Enrollment Form.
  • Letter from the Principal: On school letterhead, please provide a letter stating the class(es) recommended and appropriateness of requested course(s).
  • Student Statement: A statement from the student indicating the reason for wanting to enroll in a college course.
  • Transcripts: Academic records from the student's school.

Admission Procedures

  • Submit you Admissions Application and Concurrent Enrollment Form: Once you have filled out the Admissions Application and gotten permission from your middle/high school to attend, you may submit your application Academic Affairs, located in the Administration and Career Advancement (ACA) Building.
  • Deciding Which Classes To Take: The principal signing the concurrent enrollment form should approve the class(es) in which you are attempting to enroll.
  • Paying Your Fees: Concurrently enrolled Middle/High school students are exempt from paying enrollment fees.

For the K-8 application deadline, and other Academic Dates & Deadlines, view the LAVC Academic Calendar.