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Administrative Services OFFICE

Administration and Career Advancement Building (ACA) 

Suite 2301   

Phone: (818) 947-2336

Fax: (818)947-2734








Administrative Services

Administrative Services


Administrative Services is comprised of departments that serve to support the business and facilities operations of Los Angeles Valley College. Our mission is to provide essential support services necessary to achieve the teaching and public service goals at LAVC. All members of the Administrative Services team are committed to providing services and facilities to enrich a quality learning environment which advances education, technology, scholarship, and public service.

Administrative Services provides planning and business services to college students, faculty, and staff.  Budget development is a key component of the Planning cycle and this department works with the Dean of Planning and Research to allocate funds to those areas identified through the College Education Master Plan.  Administrative Services provides campus wide support through document control, accounting, payroll, college facilities management, and maintenance and operations.  It also oversees the operation of the Bookstore, reprographics, personnel services, and the College Sheriff including safety and security.

Administrative Services forms are available online for download.


Administrative Services Policies and Procedures

Please refer to the links below for information relating to policies and procedures.

Administrative Services Complaint Policy [PDF: 213KB]
Administrative Services Complaint Form [PDF: 228KB]

Injury and Ilness Prevention Program (IIPP)

LAVC Key Policy and Procedure [PDF: 105KB]

Employee/Personnel Related Policies and Procedures

Employee ID/Access Cards Policy and Procedure [PDF: 424KB]
Performance Evaluations Policy and Procedures [PDF: 631KB]

Procedure for Notification of Hiring/Selection Committees/Panels [PDF: 455KB]
Selection Committee Participation for AFT Local 1521A [PDF: 205KB]

Time Accounting, Absence Certification, and Overtime Policies and Procedures Handbook [PDF: 1.5MB]

Procurement Policies/Procedures

Budget Documentation for Procurement Requests (All Funds) [PDF: 20KB]
Specially Funded Program Certification Policy (Restricted Funds) [PDF: 78KB]

eBTA's - Budget Transfer Documentation/Long Text (Unrestricted Funds) [PDF: 131KB]
eBTA's - Budget Transfer Documentation /Long Text (Restricted Funds) [PDF: 131KB]

How to Look Up/Print Your Budget Report [PPTX: 206MB

Procurement Authorization Form Policy [PDF: 257KB]
Procurement Authorization Form (Fillable PDF) [PDF: 67KB]

Procurement Request Policy for All Funds
Procurement Training and Audit Review Presentation [PPT: 302MB]


Campus Security Authorities Policy and Procedure [Word docx: 45KB]
Campus Security Authority Consolidated Crime Report Form [PDF: 1.2MB]

Administrative Services Divisions

Please refer to the links below for information relating to each of these departments.

Contracts and Purchasing
Budget Office
Business office
College Sheriff (Safety and Security)
Community Services
Information Technology
Maintenance and Operation
Personnel and Payroll
Reprographics and Mailroom
Inventory Control/Physical Space Inventory
Maintains current inventory of equipment located on campus as well as physical space inventory of all rooms on campus.

Administrative Services Org Chart, Updated 5/14/19

Administrative Services 5-Year Staffing Plan

For questions or comments regarding this webpage, please contact Administrative Services at (818)947-2336.