Frequently Asked Questions

English FAQ

A: If you were not added to the SIS wait list before classes began, you will need to contact the professor either in person or via email to ask for a permission number.

A: The ESL Department is no longer a part of the English Department. For more information about ESL courses, please visit the following page:

A: Before dropping a class, we advise that you speak with a counselor to discuss how this will impact your academic progress. You may also want to consider attending a student success workshop on time management that can help you to successfully complete your courses. However, if you are sure about dropping, take a look at the following link for the Spring 2018 drop deadlines:

A: You can find the books you will need at the LAVC Bookstore website: Some courses use only Open Education Resources and do not require you to purchase any books; please contact your professor if you do not see any required texts on the bookstore website.

A: Some majors require you to take up to a certain level of English. To best understand which English courses are required for your major, we suggest that you meet with your academic counselor. You can find out more information about making an appointment at the following page:

A: Different universities have different prerequisite requirements for English majors. To learn more about which English classes you need to take in order to transfer to the university of your choice please visit:

A: The Writing Center, located in LARC 229, offers one-on-one tutoring in all courses that have a writing component. Please visit their website for the Spring 2018 hours of operation and for a current list of writing workshops. If you are interested in taking additional courses to improve your grammar, please visit the link on the left, "How to Improve Your Writing."

A: Students who major in English go on to a wide variety of careers. Proficiency in written English is a highly valued skill in hundreds of professions, and a broad knowledge of literature and culture is a basis for success in such areas as law, psychology, sociology, education, political science and many more. Students who major in English go on to pursue a variety of professions such as:

  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Sales
  • Lobbyist
  • Stock broker
  • Social Media Manager
  • Brand Manager/Strategist
  • Editor
  • Publishing
  • Advertising creative
  • Writer for tv/radio/Hollywood