LAVC Music Ensembles

  • Valley Symphony Orchestra
  • LAVC Wind Ensemble
  • LAVC College Choir
  • LAVC Chamber Singers
  • LAVC Guitar Ensemble


In addition to the for-credit ensembles listed above, we also have non-credit ensembles which are designed for community members (or LAVC students) who have already taken the maximum allowable number of ensembles (students may take an ensemble a total of 4 times for credit). If you wish to continue performing in an LAVC ensemble, please check out the following (search for "OLD ADL" - "Older Adult" - classes in the LAVC Class Schedule):

  • OLD ADL 501CE - Community Chorus
  • OLD ADL 721CE - Community Orchestra
  • OLD ADL 751CE - Community Wind Ensemble
  • OLD ADL 771CE - Community Guitar Ensemble