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Area of Study Overview

Construction Management is a highly rewarding and complex profession. The different aspect of construction management can be summarized in the four following categories. 

1- Knowledge of materials and methods of construction as well as construction documents: 

It is crucial for any construction project manager to have the ability to interpret architectural and engineering drawings which defines the quantities as well as the Specifications which defines the quality and workmanship of materials used in building the projects. This includes scheduling, selection of sub-contractor and award of contracts to sub-contractors for their expertise 

2- Documentation and record keeping: 

Given the complexity of any construction project involving many different trades, keeping proper records and documentation of what transpires during construction leading to specific decisions becomes crucial. During the project and also post construction period, there will be times that events and decisions need to be reviewed or reconstructed as to why, how and who.

3- Problem solving in various levels including human resources 

All the members of construction team from architects, engineers and construction managers and General Contractors are hired because they are problem solvers at different phases of the project. During construction, a construction manager must have the capabilities of dealing with different personalities, different expectations where conflicts might arise, and work to create harmony between all the members.

4- Project profitability and financial well being  

In construction, time means money and resources. One of the most important aspects of construction management is to be able to watch the bottom line and profitability of project for the General Contractor and the client. It is crucial that value engineering, which is looking at alternative methods of construction, takes place so cost is kept at check. During the construction, labor and materials can be traced and monitored so over charge or extras be avoided. Above all, construction is completed within the project schedule or earlier.

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Engineering, General Technology (Construction Management) Degrees and Certificates

These programs are designed to prepare the student to become qualified for employment in the field of general construction management, with additional emphasis on sustainable methods and materials that are energy smart, renewable, and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Construction Management (Certificate)

Sustainable Construction Management (AS)

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Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), Southern California Chapter - CMAA SoCal Educational Webinars and In Person Seminars are free for students to attend.

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