In June 2007, Los Angeles Valley College’s accreditation status was reaffirmed, based on the March 2007 visiting team report, which included conclusions that were based on our institutional self study report and the ACCJC team's visit. The college was asked to submit a progress report in March 2008 to demonstrate how we were addressing the team’s recommendations regarding progress toward resolving district-wide issues and another progress report in October 2008 on improvements at the college.

In June 2009, the ACCJC accepted the March 2009 follow-up report. A Midterm Report was submitted in March 2010, documenting the resolution of team recommendations and giving a summary of progress on college-identified action plans for improvement. In June 2010, the ACCJC accepted our report.

From spring 2011 to spring 2013, the college worked on its comprehensive self-evaluation. The visiting team from ACCJC issued recommendations (several of which were issues in our self-identified improvement plans) and wrote a report for the Commission, which determined our status at its meeting in June 2013.

The following are documents from 2007-2015: