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Philosophy is the critical investigation of the basic concepts that shape our lives. Students will be able to inquire into the basic nature of concepts like truth, justice, rightness, knowledge, beauty, and reality. In addition, philosophy students will apply their understanding of these basic concepts to the important decisions made by both individuals and societies. Because philosophy aims at clarity at the level of language and thought it is applicable not only to the natural and social sciences, but also to the moral, practical and evaluative decisions we make on a daily basis.

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Philosophy, Economics, and Jewish Studies 


Humanities and Communication, Business and Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences


Philosophy Degrees

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  • The AA degree in Philosophy is designed to meet lower-division course requirements at UCLA and other UC campuses.

Philosophy AA


  • The AA-T degree in Philosophy is designed to fulfill lower-division requirements at all CSUs. 

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Full-time Faculty

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Nathan Placencia

Zachary Knorr

Adjunct Faculty

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Emily Sedgwick

Frank Waters

Micheal Rooney

Valerie Giovanini


Faculty Profiles

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I have a mix of interests ranging from ancient philosophy and theology to social ontology. I started my education journey at Riverside Community College, later receiving a PhD and BA in Philosophy from UC Riverside and an MA from Westminster School of Theology. I like to tackle big questions about race, how our social identities shape us, and different conceptions of the afterlife. I've written a few papers on these topics.


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As a history undergrad, I was drawn to philosophy when I found my favorite courses were those on the history of ideas. As a grad student, I researched social and political philosophy, and now, I primarily focus on how philosophy can guide our everyday choices. I teach with the perspective that philosophy is about being open-minded, considering different perspectives, and realizing there's always more to learn. We're all philosophers at heart, as we all consider who we want to be, what values should guide us, and what kind of society we should strive for. I'm proud to teach at Valley College, where all students can learn, grow, and work towards who they want to be.