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Inter-Club Council


Inter-Club Council (ICC)


This constitution is hereby established to develop the cultural and recreational opportunities available to students of Valley College; to facilitate efficient coordination of all campus clubs; to protect and maintain the integrity of campus clubs and to make available to as many students as possible the advantages of club membership."

~Preamble to the Inter-Club Council Constitution

The Inter-Club Council (ICC)  is a governing body made-up of one representative from each chartered Los Angeles Valley College club. It is the voice of clubs on campus. ICC provides a forum for discussion and information exchange about upcoming events, and creates an opportunity for clubs to collaborate and work together.

The purpose of the ICC is to generate and support club-based activities and events that enrich the students of LAVC. The council allows club representatives to vote, offer guidance; seek solutions, and express concerns related to student organizations in LAVC. Meetings are open to the public.

The purpose of the Inter-Club Council of Los Angeles Valley College is to encourage student membership in clubs, and club participation in cultural awareness, student leadership, academic improvement, and increased campus participation.



  • ICC Club Points TBD by VP

Fall 2018 Club Days

CLUB DAYS  9:00 am - 1:00 pm – Throughout Campus

  • August 28th – Monarch Square
  • September 5th – Student Services Plaza
  • September 19th – Monarch Square- Constitution Theme
  • October 3rd – Student Union Plaza- Domestic Violence Awareness
  • October 17th – Library Lawn- Breast Cancer Awareness 
  • October 31st –- Student Services Plaza
  • November 14th – Student Union Plaza- Veterans Day
  • November 28th – Library Lawn- Mental Health Awareness
  • December 5th – Student Union Plaza



Twice a month on Thursdays, 1pm @ Skybox Conference Room (Student Union 2nd floor)

*please check calendar for specific dates*

ICC Constitution

ASU Facebook Page

ASU Facebook Group 


The ASU Executive Council has abbreviated Robert's Rules of Order books available in the Office of Student Life for check. 

What is Parliamentary Procedure?

  • Parliamentary procedure, or parliamentary law, is the code of rules and ethics for working together in groups.
  • Parliamentary law refers to the rules, laws, or regulations of organizations, governing the orderly, expeditious and efficient transaction of business and meetings and conventions. Without rules, there would be injustice and confusion. Hence, it is as necessary to follow the rules of parliamentary law as it is to follow the rules of a ball game or a card game. 

Why is it important?

  • All members have equal rights. 
  • Minority rights must be protected. 
  • Full and free discussion is an essential right. 
  • Use simplest and most direct procedure. 
  • Only one question considered at a time. 
  • Logical precedence governs order of discussion.  
  • Members must be recognized before speaking. 
  • All remarks are directed through the chair. 
  • No member may speak twice to the same question until all others have had an opportunity to speak Members may not question the character or motives of other members. 
  • Members have a right at all times to know what question is before the assembly and what affirmative and negative votes mean.



List is updated during Fall 2018, as clubs submit chartering paperwork


Abilities Club

FALL 2018 Meetings: Adapted Gym, Wednesdays 12:30 pm

Contact Club Advisor: Dave Mallas –

Club Purpose:

There is a growing population of students at LAVC with special needs. These individuals have abilities, passions, talents, and unique gifts. Our mission is to help provide them with opportunities to grow, express their talents and strengthen their vocational skills in an effort to qualify them for jobs and internships. We also hope to empower our students with special needs through the organization of campus events and fundraisers, while encouraging their involvement in both the community and student body activities. (Voluntary)


Art Club

Contact Club Advisor: Carol Bishop –

Club Purpose:

The specific purpose of this organization shall be: To bring members of the art community together in the honest expression and appreciation of art and also to discuss workshops and upcoming events. To serve the LAVC Community by culturally educating and bringing attention to art forms and opportunities offered by the college.


Black Student Union (BSU)

FALL 2018 Meetings: FL 112, Wednesdays  1:00 pm

Contact Club Advisors: Elliot Coney -  K Morris –

Club Purpose:

The purpose of the Black Student Union (BSU) is twofold: 1) to educate the Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) community and its surrounding area about issues that affect Blacks both in the United States and in the black diaspora; and 2) to serve as a support and social networking group for black students on LAVC’s campus. The BSU will also provide service to the college community, work in collaboration with other student groups and support nearby black communities through different service projects throughout the school year. The members of the BSU gain invaluable leadership experience and knowledge as a result of their involvement with the BSU Furthermore, all member wills will continue uphold the high standards of the BSU and reinforce its reputation as an influential force in service to the student body at LAVC.


Broadcasting Club KVCM

FALL 2018 Meetings: H112 Mondays 12:00 pm

Contact Club Advisor: Jason Beaton –
Club Email:

Club Purpose:

To promote awareness of the Broadcasting department of Los Angeles Valley college, and to promote and maintain the campus radio station, KVCM and to increase positive campus/community relations.


Business Club

FALL 2018 Meetings: BJ110 Mondays 2:45 pm

Contact Club Advisor: Kevin Sanford –

Club Purpose:

To promote personal growth and financial literacy. To promote the personal growth for the business administration department students of LAVC and provide opportunities for other LAVC students, faculty, and the community to improve their business acumen.


Cinema Club

Contact Club Advisor: Chad Sustin--

Club Purpose:                                               

To discuss, analyze and appreciate the art of cinema.  We strive to expose and educate students on the magical art form we all love so much, while critically relating this knowledge to our world.  There will be screenings, guest speakers, popcorn and much more.


Dream Catchers Club

FALL 2018 Meetings: Dream Resource Center  Tuesdays 1:00 pm

Contact Club Advisor: Sergio Belloso –
Club Email:

Club Purpose:

The purpose of Dream Catchers at LAVC is a club created by undocumented students for the support of undocumented students, including AB540-eligible and non-resident students.  It is meant to be a support system and a confidant that helps students network with one another about their status and daily struggles.  We are a group of people who are here to help one another and guide one another through our everyday struggles, experiences and successes.  We are here to fulfill our goals by understanding, advocating and recruiting undocumented and documented students to demonstrate that we are much more than our documentation status in this country.  We are here to advocate for our rights and help those who are in need of reaching their goals because of their documented status.  The main concept of the club is to spread awareness about AB540 and undocumented civilians, to let them know that we are united and here to help.  We are here for moral, educational and emotional support and we will spread our awareness in the many ways we can.  By fundraising, giving back to our community and helping those who are in need, and by giving students the resources they need, regardless of ethnicity or background.


Eco Advocates

Contact Club Advisor: George Leddy –

Club Purpose:

To increase environmental awareness on campus at LAVC and in the surrounding community. Our goal is to make 0our campus more sustainable so that we may set an example for others in the community.


Economics club

Meetings: CC 204 1st & 3rd Monday 2:30pm

Contact Club Advisor: Tyler Prante-

Club Purpose:

Allow students to be aware of the changing world around us. Give students the opportunity to think critically about real world issues. Let students to understand the significance of the economy. Give students the ability to interact and participate in the stock market by constantly monitoring the rates at which stocks rise or fall. Allow students to see how ideas used in economics apply to the real world. Learn how buyers and sellers behave in a competitive market.


The Elohist Club

Contact Club Advisor: Denise Marte –

Club Purpose:

We are a worldwide club and organization that believes in God the Father and God the Mother. We hope to spread the word that; there is a God the Mother in that exists in the bible, the importance of Passover and the protection provided by God's promise when it is kept, the actual day of Sabbath that is to be kept according to bible, and much more!


Engineering Club

FALL 2018 Meetings: E 113 Mondays and Wednesdays 12:00-5:00 pm

Contact Club Advisor: Jerzy Gorecki-
Club Email:

Club Purpose:

To get experience in mechanical, electrical and programming engineering skills. This will include experiences among team members where teamwork in crucial in the real world and will be beneficial for future employment.  There has to be specific jobs split among the team members in order to get the job done; but everyone gets to present their own work in order for all for all team members learn every aspect of the project/s/ The project will start with simple robotics in order to start a foundation of what this club will eventually grow to be.


French Club

FALL 2018 Meetings: FL 105B Every other Tuesday 11:00 am

Contact Club Advisor: Jaklin Yermian –
Club Email:

Club Purpose:

To promote fellowship and group effort among those interested in the French language and French and Franco-cultures, with a spirit of friendship between races, cultures and individuals.  To give members a relaxed environment in which to practice speaking French as well as provide the opportunity for members to participate in cultural events.  To promote the understanding, study and appreciation of the French language and francophone culture.


Hillel 818

FALL 2018 Meetings: SU Lunch Tables, Mon & Thu 12:30 pm

Contact Club Advisor: Marcia W. Sibony –
Club Email:

Club Purpose:

To bring as much Judaic life, culture, and experience to Los Angeles Valley College. Open to anyone who is willing to and wants to join and be a part of the club and community.  Meets to discuss topics in the Torah. Open to any questions that one may have regarding the Jewish Religion and Jewish Community. Everyone is welcomed and an open mind is encouraged. 



Meetings: South Gym # 5 Last Thursday of every month 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Contact Club Advisor: Sandra Perry –

Club Purpose:

To help the growing population of LAVC students who are interested in Kinesiology. To provide students opportunities to grow, express their talents, and strengthen their vocational skills in an effort to qualify them for jobs and internships.  Hope to empower students through organization of campus events and fundraisers, while encouraging their involvement in both the community and student body activities.



FALL 2018 Meetings: SU 2nd Floor Skybox Wednesdays 12:00 pm

Contact Club Advisor: Hasmik Arakelyan –

Club Purpose:

Provide an environmentally friendly atmosphere at LAVC in which students are not discriminated against due to age, sex, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Raise awareness of LGBTQQIA lifestyle, culture and history with hopes to transform many misconceptions and stereotypes. Stimulate personal growth to members through mental and emotional support and guidance. Improve visibility of LGBTQQIA individuals attending or employed by LAVC, promote equality and understanding. Foster diversity, create welcoming and inclusive environment.


MeCha de LAVC

FALL 2018 Meetings: FL 111 Mondays 1:00pm

Contact Club Advisor: Pete Lopez --

Club Purpose:

MEChA is an inclusive student movement that is fundamentally driven by our beliefs in our indigenous roots, history and values. MEChA seeks to create an environment of critical thinking and learning on political and social oppression and overall our daily environments.  We believe in collaboration and building coalitions with students and community members that are aligned with our praxis, which is to address social justice issues that affect Chicanos/as at our campus and communities at large, and all oppressed peoples.  Building on a long history of Chicano/a student activism, we promote historical awareness, identity consciousness, student involvement, student involvement, cultural appreciation, and self-determination.  Through education, reflection, and action MEChA empowers its students to become leaders within our community.  We strive to positively improve our surroundings.


Medical Club

Contact Club Advisor: Dr. Gary Kovnat -

Club Purpose:

The club will serve to provide resources for pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy, and other students interested in the medicine and research and assist them in preparing for admission to professional and graduate schools.


Music Club

Contact Club Advisor: Christian Nova --

Club Purpose:

The LAVC Music Club’s main purpose is to provide an enriching service to the students and campus of LAVC by offering unique and substantive music-oriented opportunities through cultural, community and vocational activities.  It is the LAVC Music Club’s belief that education and engagement in music can outstandingly enhance a student’s overall quality of education – and under the umbrella of the LAVC music department – the   LAVC Music Club is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and dynamic environment for students of every level and interest.  Our objectives are not only educational but are companionable with LAVC’s community interests.


Philosophy Club

FALL 2018 Meetings: CC 205 Wednesdays 3:00 pm

Contact Club Advisor: Nathan Placencia -

Club Purpose:

To provide an intellectually stimulating environment for students to practice writing, debating, and critical thinking. Practicing these skills in a group setting will help students to do better in their classes, their careers, and the rest of their lives. Additionally, we plan to attend various philosophy-related events and lectures in the Los Angeles area, which will provide better context for the subjects that philosophy majors are learning in their classes.


Psychology Club

Contact Club Advisor: Harry

Club Purpose:

Our purpose is to create an environment where students feel comfortable discussing issues, speak freely without judgment, gain support of others in the group, and bring awareness to certain issues discussed.  Our purpose is to bring to the group; Support, Awareness, Interest, Friendship, Fellowship, Knowledge.


Political Science Club

Contact Club Advisor: Anthony O’Regan--

Club Purpose:

Educate LAVC students on political issues.  Support social networking for political science, provide resources regarding UC transfer and scholarships.


Puente Club

Contact Club Advisor: Holly Batty -

Club Purpose:

To aid students to transfer and advance to higher education by providing them with a personal counselor who will grant them knowledge about their field of study, universities, IGETC requirements, etc. This club aims to create an environment for ambitious students who will discuss, organize and plan school events that may be advantageous for students enrolled at LAVC. Qualified members will have the opportunity to visit and tour prestigious schools such as UCLA, UCB, and UCSC.


Respiratory Care Advocates (RCA)

Contact Club Advisor: Gregory Morrison -

Club Purpose:

To educate about and raise awareness of common pulmonary diseases, such as: Asthma, COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis, ARDS, etc. To assist the community in outreach programs that help inform the populous about pulmonary disease. To raise awareness and prestige of the LAVC respiratory therapy department and program offered on campus. Provide mechanism for the RT students to exercise their skills in patient education and discussion about the various diseases and treatments available we have learned about.


Scripting Monarchs

Meetings: Eng. 101 Tuesdays 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Contact Club Advisor: Michael Rahni—

Club Purpose:

Our mission is to provide an open, welcoming environment where enthusiastic computer science students may expand their knowledge beyond the scope of LAVC’s traditional offerings through study groups and other social activities.   



Contact Club Advisor: Anne Marie Cesario --

Club Purpose:

The Sociology Experiment is making Sociology personal.  The purpose of the group is to gather with like-minded individuals to discuss, share and celebrate all things Sociological!  Also, we would like to try to facilitate a campus culture that is fun, vibrant, and involved.


Spanish Club

Contact Club Advisor: Maria Zamudio --

Club Pupose:

To promote fellowship and group effort among those interested in the Spanish language and cultures, with a spirit of friendship between races, cultures and individuals. To give members a relaxed environment in which to practice speaking Spanish, as well as provide the opportunity for members to participate in cultural events. To promote the understanding, study and appreciation of the Spanish language and culture.


Speech and Debate

Contact Club Advisor: Kevin Briancesco -

Club Purpose:

Students will evaluate the various genres of speech and debate competition. These include: platform speaking, debate, interpretation of literature and limited preparation events. They will compete at speaking competitions throughout the year to earn their way towards competing at the State and National Speech and Debate competitions.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) 

FALL 2018 Meetings: MS113 Mondays 2:30 pm

Contact Club Advisor: Humberto Raya Mendoza –

Club Purpose:

To allow students who have interest in STEM related subject matter to apply their knowledge and passion to our community. The STEM club aims to bring awareness of STEM to the LAVC community. In addition, we intend to help offer students internships in STEM related fields, and also bring to the attention of students the existing scholarships that exist for individuals pursuing a degree in STEM majors.


Valley Collegiate Players (VCP)

Contact Club Advisor: Christopher Coddington –

Club Purpose:

The VCP is a Dramatic Honorary Society serving the Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) Theatre Arts Department in order to promote interest in Drama to students and the community.


Veterans Club

Contact Club Advisor: William Wallis -

Club Purpose:

The LAVC Veterans Club links Veterans and their families from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who have served during times of peace and times of war.  The club strives to support Veterans by encouraging broadening of their self-image and by encouraging lifestyle management principles that contribute to success with their academics, community, spiritual and emotional needs.  Such success will lead them to become contributing citizens recognized for their professional and civic achievement.


Writer's Club

FALL 2018 Meetings: H 119 Wed & Thu 1:00-5:00 pm (Walk-in)

Contact Club Advisor: Scott Weigand -

Club Purpose:

To create and foster an environment where writing is encouraged in avenues separate from the majority of English courses available at LAVC. To offer assistance (in the form of tutors and laptops) to any and all students for whom the construction of structured texts in an academic requisite. To the resources and tool necessary to destroy “learned helplessness”. To establish and maintain a monthly writing competition to offer incentives to explore areas of writing outside the MLA and APA essay.


Don't see a club that interests you? Start your own! For more information, contact the ASU Office at (818) 778-5516 .

Representatives from each club, meet every other Thursday during the Inter-Club Council Meeting in the Skybox Conference Room at the Student Union Building at 1:00pm

For club forms click on the "forms" tab.