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Admissions & Records Forms


Fillable PDF Forms   

AB 540 Affidavit [PDF]

Academic Renewal [PDF]

Assessment Exemption Request [PDF] - For students who have completed assessment with the last two years at a California Community College.

Nonresident Tuition Fee Waiver Application [PDF]

Course Substitution [PDF]

Course Repetition Petition [PDF]

Credit-by-Exam [PDF]

Educational Status Change [PDF]

Graduation & Certificate Petition [PDF]

Dual Enrollment Form -- Supplemental Application For Admission of Students in Grades K-12 [PDF]

Petition to Withdraw from Classes [PDF]

Prerequisite Challenge Form [PDF]

Supplemental Residency Questionnaire [PDF]

Transcript Request [PDF] -- Regular processing (7 - 10 business days)

Transcript Request [PDF] -- RUSH process ( 1-2 business days)

Verification of Enrollment Request [PDF]

Enrollment Priority & California Promise Grant (formerly BoG fee waiver) Loss APPEALS 

Enrollment Priority and/ or California Promise Grant Loss Appeal [PDF]

Probation and Disqualification Forms

Waiver of Dismissal Petition [PDF] - For students who are currently enrolled and want to continue attending.

Readmission Petition [PDF] - For students who were dismissed and have been out of school for at least 1 year