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Welcome Center


Welcome to LAVC ¡Bienvenido a LAVC!

Hello and welcome to Los Angeles Valley College. The Welcome Center is here to help students to make a smooth transition into college life. It is our desire that we will come alongside our students as they connect to the college, continue their educational endeavors, and until they complete their academic and personal goals. The Welcome Center is a one-stop resource for incoming and continuing students which will provide information, support and direction to students at Los Angeles Valley College as students have need.

The enrollment process consists of completing your Application w/ Placement Questions, Applying for Financial Aid, Orientation, First Semester Student Educational Planning and lastly, Enrolling in the Classes you have planned.

LAVC Application
Counseling Orientation
Applying for Financial Aid
Counseling and SEP
Enroll in Classes



Welcome Center Counselor

Immediate counseling assistance is available for all new, FYE and returning students. For assistance that requires an appointment, please visit the Counseling Department’s webpage for scheduling  options. 

The Welcome Center Online Help Desk attendants are LAVC student assistants. They can answer any general questions you may have about various steps of the enrollment process. They can direct you to the correct resource or department to assist you with your specific needs here at LAVC.

Online Help Desks

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Welcome Center Staff

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