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ARC Online Tutoring and Computer Support Services

In response to COVID-19, the Academic Resource Center is now offering remote online tutoring and computer support services through Zoom and ConexEd.Watch the video below for a quick overview of how the services work!

Hours of Operation for Summer Session II 2020:

  • Online tutoring services are available from: 
    • General Tutoring Center: Monday-Thursday from 1pm-5pm. GTC offers tutoirng in Anatomy, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics 100 & 101.
    • Math Lab: Monday-Thursday from 12pm-3pm.
    • Writing Center are available Monday/Wednesday from 11am-2pm and Tuesday/Thursday from 2pm-5pm.
    • The first day of Summer Session II 2020 tutoring for the ARC Services is the following: General Tutoring 7/20; Math Lab 7/20; Writing Center 7/21. 

Join our Canvas Page and Get Started:

To access the ARC's online tutoring and computer support services, LAVC students just need to join the ARC's Canvas site. Click the icon below to get started. 


Overview of Services

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ARC Tutoring Services: Recent Updates

The ARC is providing tutoring and computer support with online live, real-time tutoring and support for the Computer Commons, Math Lab, Writing Center, and General Tutoring. Additionally, Math Lab test review sessions and Writing Center workshops are being offered through Zoom. NetTutor is currently available and provides comprehensive tutorial support for most subjects with help available 24/7 for high demand areas. Continue reading for FAQs.  Continue reading

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