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Virtual Recognition Ceremony Update

Graduation Ceremony Questions

Is LAVC hosting an in-person graduation ceremony? 

Unfortunately, no.  A Virtual Recognition Ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 9:00 am. The ceremony can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube.

What is the status of the in-person graduation ceremony?

LAVC plans (if allowed) to hold an in-person ceremony next year (June 2021). You will be invited to so that the Class of 2020 will have the opportunity to fully participate in a traditional Commencement exercise.

If I don't participate in the Virtual Recognition, can I still participate on the in-person ceremony next year? 

Yes! Although we encourage you to participate this year, if you do not, you can still walk in the in-person ceremony next year.

Graduates RSVPs, Video & Slides Questions

How do I participate in the Virtual Recognition Ceremony?

Eligible students should have received an email from the Los Angeles Community College District with details. Please check your student email.

What is a grad slide? 

This is the slide that will be used to recognize and represent YOU during the Virtual Recognition Ceremony. It will include your name, your major, a personal quote, and a photo if you provide one.

Information will be sent to you by email on how to upload your picture and information. Please review the instructions carefully.

How do I upload my graduate video? 

You can create and upload a 10-second video that will play during the LAVC Virtual Recognition Ceremony. Download the Virtual Recognition Video Recording Instructions for Graduates [PDF]

What's the difference between the RSVP form and the Grad Images form?  Do I have to submit both?

The RSVP form is to indicate whether or not you would like to formally participate in the Virtual Recognition Ceremony for your campus.  If you RSVP, your name will be announced during the ceremony with a slide that Grad Images is creating for you.  If you do not RSVP, your name will not be called and you will not have a slide but your name will still appear in a credit roll at the end.  

The Grad Images form allows you to upload a photo to be included on your slide that will be displayed when your name is called.  However, you do not have to submit a photo to Grad Images.  If you do not submit a photo, you will still have a slide with your campus logo and your name will still be announced as long as you have RSVP'd that you will be participating.  

The deadline for the RSVP form and for Grad Images is 5 p.m. Wednesday, May 20.

On the RSVP form, there is a section to upload a video.  Can I still RSVP without submitting a video?  Can I add one later?

Yes, you can RSVP without submitting a video.  Yes, if you change your mind and wish to submit a video later you can fill out the form again. 

Please remember that the deadline for the form is 5 p.m. Wednesday, May 20.  

Will my name be announced during the Virtual Recognition Ceremony?

Yes! If you RSVP and submit your information to Grad Images, your name will be read during the ceremony and if you submit a picture and video, those will also be included while your name is read during the ceremony. Please send your pictures and videos in by May 20th.

If you choose not to participate in the Virtual Recognition Ceremony by not providing your information, your name will still appear at the end of the presentation with a list of other students. However, your name will NOT be read aloud if you do not RSVP.

NOTE: Students who did not petition for graduation by March 20, 2020 are not eligible for a Grad Slide.

Will I need a cap and gown for the Virtual Recognition Ceremony?

No.  However, a small number of caps and gowns are available for purchase through the LAVC Bookstore.

How to Order Your Cap & Gown from the LAVC Bookstore*:
  1. Go to the LAVC Bookstore website
  2. Click on GEN MERCH at the top
  3. Click on Graduation  accessories tab to the left
  4. Click on item they want to purchase and add it to their cart ,include their size in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box and check out.

As an alternative, black caps and gowns can be purchased through the Pierce College Bookstore.

* If you decide to purchase a cap and gown, it might not be delivered on time for you to wear for the Virtual Recognition Ceremony.  

Virtual Recognition Ceremony Questions

How can my family, friends and I watch the Virtual Recognition Ceremony? 

You are encourage you to celebrate your accomplishment with your family and friends safely by throwing a Virtual Viewing Party. Download Tips for How to Throw a Virtual Party to Celebrate in Social Distance Style [PDF]

The Virtual Recognition Ceremony will be posted online on the LAVC Facebook page and the LAVC YouTube Channel. Download the Instruction on How to View the LACCD Virtual Recognition Ceremony [PDF]

Will there be ASL Interpreters at the Virtual Recognition Ceremony?

Closed captioning in English will be provided during the Virtual Recognition Ceremony on Facebook and YouTube. 

Marquee Annoucements & Social Media

Can I share what college/university I will be transferring to? 

Yes. We want to recognize all of our graduates who will be transferring to four-year colleges and universities in Fall 2020 on the college's electronic marquees.

To submit a request, please email LAVC News with the following info by 4 p.m. on Friday, May 29. 2020: 

  • your name,
  • student ID number, and
  • a screen shot of your university/college acceptance letter with your name (block out your address and university student ID)

The announcements will be posted on the marquee between June 8-12, 2020.

If I post a picture celebrating during Virtual Recognition or with the marquee, will LAVC share my photos on social media?

LAVC will share a selection of graduate and their family/friends photos that are tagged with #LAVCGrad2020 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

If you tag #LAVCGrad2020 with LAVC, you are giving LAVC permission to share your comments and photos.

Other Questions

Where can I get more information on the virtual recognition ceremony details? 

For more details, please visit the LACCD Virtual Recognition Ceremony Webpage

How and when will I receive my official diploma?

The Graduation Office will verify that you have completed all the requirements for your degree. Printed diplomas are mailed by October.

Please make sure that your address is updated on the Student Information System. Print out a change of address form on the LAVC Admissions website (the form is also available in the office), and bring it to the Admissions office.