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Which Courses Qualify for a TAP/Honors Contract?

  • The course must be offered at LAVC, be UC transferable, and have an approved Honors Addendum to course outline on file
  • Any course modality may be contracted
  • Contracts are only available for actively enrolled LAVC TAP/Honors students in good standing 
  • The course is not being offered as an Honors section in the same term
  • The extra work required aligns with the TAP addendum
  • Fill out page 1 with student and return to TAP Director no later than the end of week 5 (end of week 1 if an intersession or late-start)
  • At the close of the term, turn in page 2 to TAP Director indicating student has met requirements of the contract
  • For further questions about TAP contracts, please contact the TAP director
  • Click here to download the TAP Honors Contract Form


Making a Course Honors/TAP 

If you are not sure if a class you teach is offered as TAP, please check for the TAP/Honors Addendum in eLumen. If your course does not currently have an addedum, but you are interested in teaching an honors section contact the TAP director and department chair and fill out the following form: TAP/Honors Course Addendum - Blank Form


What Makes It An Honors Course?

  • Honors courses are enhanced versions of the original course with an Honors Addendum added to the Course Outline
  • Honors courses are noted with “Honors” on student’s official transcripts
  • Honors courses have high standards, expect excellence, and emphasize:
    • Preparation for university-level rigor
    • Independent, creative and critical thinking
    • Active participation through discussions using an inquiry or dialogic approach
    • Advanced reading, writing and research skills
    • Collaborative and experiential learning projects
    • Student presentations
      • Classroom
      • Honors Transfer Council of California Student Research Conference held at UCI


What Makes An Honors Student?

  • Highly motivated with a strong desire to learn
  • Come to class prepared, complete assignments, and miss fewer classes
  • Enjoy participating in class and giving presentations
  • Appreciate enrichment activities: plays, museums, art exhibits, concerts
  • Willing to rise to the challenge
  • Autonomous learner who feels responsible for educating oneself
  • Collaborate spirit of helping one another learn
  • Educational plan includes transfer to a 4-year college/university


What Makes An Honors Professor?

  • Challenges students through rigorous standards, difficult problems, wider/deeper reading, advanced research, creative yet demanding assignments
  • Encourages and inspires students through depth of knowledge, enthusiasm for subject
  • Mentors students, through example, one-on-one conversations and investigations
  • Encourages student presentations in class and for the annual Honors Transfer Council of California Student Research Conference held at UCI
  • Participates in the following TAP activities:
    • Annual LAVC TAP/Transfer Recognition event (spring)
    • Annual Honors Transfer Council of California TAP Student Research Conference
    • Responds to correspondence from the TAP Director
    • Contacts TAP/Honors Director for program and course related guidance/questions/concern


TAP Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes