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Luis Cabrera

Outreach & Mentoring Coordinator

Office:  Campus Center Room 101 Office A 

HoursMonday-Friday (7:30am-4:00pm)



Peer Mentoring 


Case Notes Sheet: Peer-Mentoring-Case-Notes-Sheet.doc


Proactive and Intrusive STEM Faculty Advising/Coaching and Peer Mentoring

LAVC PASO (Promoting Awareness of STEM Opportunities), through its Proactive and Intrusive Faculty Advising/Coaching and Peer Mentoring aims to:

  • develop an integrated academic support system through proactive and intrusive STEM academic advising and peer mentoring to increase STEM persistence, completion and transfer rates of Hispanic and low-income STEM students
  • connect STEM students to STEM faculty as academic advisors, and STEM majors as peer mentors
  • build a system so that, at the beginning of their careers, STEM students know what they’re working toward and who is available to help them
  • provide students information about specific careers so they can decide earlier what field they want to pursue, and including diagnostics and personalized modules in the transfer process
  • emphasize the importance of relationship building achieved through gaining students’ trust

Existing Literature: The Effects of Student Coaching in College by Bettinger and Baker (2011)

  • Inside Track, a personalized student coaching service for college students
  • study involved general student population (no demographic nor discipline disaggregation) from four-year institutions (no community colleges)
  • used remote coaching (phone, email, text and social media)
  • students assigned to receive coaching were significantly more likely to remain enrolled at their institutions than students in the comparison group
  • completion outcomes not measured


The PASO Project:

  • STEM Faculty Advising/Coaching
    • 6 to 10 students assigned to Faculty Advisor/Coach
    • Advisor/Coach meets with each student twice a semester
    • Stress importance of advisors/coaches reaching out to students rather than wait for the students to come to them
    • Coordinate with STEM Counselor who can provide strategies for successful advising/coaching
  • Peer Mentoring
    • 5 to 6 students assigned to a Peer Mentor
    • Acts as big brother/big sister to mentees as they navigate the college life
    • Peer Mentor meets with each mentee twice a week (face to face, phone, email, text, social media)
    • Emphasize benefits of peer leadership as it positively impacts the students the peer mentors work with, the peer mentors themselves, and the institution as a whole
    • Refer mentees to appropriate campus resources
  • Will measure rates of
    • staying in college within 5 weeks, 10 weeks, semester
    • persistence within a STEM major
    • completion by graduation (AA degree or certificates) or transfer within 2 years, 3 years, 4 years