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Meet the PASO Team

Faculty Advisors

Peer Mentors

Promoting Awareness of STEM Opportunities (PASO) coordinates a cohort where students have the opportunity to be advised through our STEM faculty and meet with a Peer Mentor. Together, our team will guide you through your educational experience as a STEM Major. 


Faculty Advisors


Pamela Byrd Williams
Faculty Advising Areas: BioChem, Biology/Zoology, Kinesiology, Pre-Med

Marichu Savilla Gan
Faculty Advising Area: Nursing


Becky Green-Marroquin
Faculty Advising Areas: BioChem, Biology/Zoology, Pre-Med


Humberto Raya Mendoza
Faculty Advising Areas: Mathematics, Physics, Engineering & Architecture


Ana Trujillo
Faculty Advising Areas: Engineering & Architecture, Mathematics



Peer Mentors

Oscar Juerva
Major: Nursing


Natalie Aviles
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Alejandra Baron
Major: Biochemistry


Maya Bocanegra
Major: Mathematics


Antonia Fabian
Major: Mathematics


Sarah Karabadjakyan
Major: Chemistry


Christopher Wheeler
Major: Computer Science