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Graduating Student


Degrees & Certificates


Los Angeles Valley College offers the following AA/AS Degree and Certificate Programs:

(For specific degree and certificate requirements consult the Catalog and/or see a counselor)


= Associate of Arts Degree      CA    = Certificate of Achievement
AS = Associate of Science Degree   SC = Skills Certificate
AA-T = Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree   NC = Noncredit Certificate of Completion
AS-T = Associate in Science for Transfer Degree      

To file for graduation, go to the Graduation Office.

To file for a Certificate, go to the Office of Admissions & Records

To view Program Maps, go to LAVC Program Mapper: Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs) are groups of similar programs designed to help you select a program of study (i.e., a major) and speed your progress towards completion. Within each CAP, you can explore a set of program maps that show a semester by semester path from program entry to completion. Each program map shows the recommended courses for a full-time student. Please use these as a starting point when meeting with a counselor to develop your Student Education Plan to best meet your schedule and academic goals. The information about Salary, Growth, and Careers reflects California trends from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Employment Statistics Survey. You can learn more about careers at the LAVC Career Transfer Center page on Major Exploration. 





Anthropology Anthropology AA-T  
Applied Technology A+/Net+ Certification Preparation   SC
Architecture   CA  
Computer Graphics/Design   CA  
Electronics AS    
Electronics Technician   CA  
Electronics Technology   CA  
Electronics: Biomedical Instrumentation AS CA  
Engineering Technology: Industrial/Manufacturing AS CA  
Engineering Technology: Mechanical Engineering AS    
Manufacturing Technology: Metal Machining AS CA  
Manufacturing Technology: Numerical Control AS CA  
Mechanical/Drafting Design AS CA  
Mechanical Engineering Technology   CA  
Sustainable Construction Management AS CA  
Art     Art History AAAA-T  
Art: Graphic Design AA CA
Art: Studio AA  
Art: Studio Arts AA-T  
Biological Sciences  Biology AS, AS-T  
Business Administration Accounting AA CA
Banking and Finance AA CA 
Business Administration AS-T  
Business Essentials   CA
Business Management   CA
Management AA  
Marketing AA CA
Property Management   CA
Real Estate AA CA
Retail Management   CA
Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering Chemistry AS  
Physics ASAS-T  
Engineering AS  
Child Development Child Development AA  
Child Development: Associate Teacher, Preschool (A)   CA
Child Development: Associate Teacher, Preschool Literacy (E)   SC
Child Development: Associate Teacher, Special Education (F)   SC
Child Development: Director, Preschool (B)   CA
Child Development: Early Childhood Education AAAS-T  
Child Development: Infant/Toddler Care Teacher (D)   CA
Child Development: School Age Programs Teacher Day Care (C)   CA
Child Development: Special Education AA  
Child Development: Teacher   CA
Communication Studies Communication Studies AA-T  
Computer Applications and Information Systems C/C++   SC
CAOT: Administrative Assistant AA CA
CAOT: Computer Applications Specialist AA CA
CAOT: General Office Assistant   CA
Cloud Computing   CA
Computer Science AS  
Computer Science Programming   CA
Computerized Bookkeeping   CA
Microcomputer Systems   SC
.NET Programming   SC
Website Software Specialist   SC
Continuing Education English as a Second Language I   NC
English as a Second Language II   NC
English as a Second Language III   NC
English as a Second Language IV   NC
English as a Second Language - Speech   NC
ESL Civics I   NC
ESL Civics II   NC
Microcomputer Literacy   NC
Workplace Success   NC
Earth Science Earth Science AS  
Geography AAAA-T  
Geology AS, AS-T  
Emergency Services Administration of Justice AS-T CA
Fire Technology AS CA
English English AA-T  
English as a Second Language Advanced ESL Milestone - Pathway to Broadcasting   CA
Advanced ESL Milestone - Pathway to Cinema/Media Arts   CA
Advanced ESL Milestone - Pathway to Music   CA
ESL Milestone - Pathway to Environmental Science   CA
ESL Milestone - Pathway to Language Arts/Spoken Communication   CA
ESL Milestone - Pathway to Language Arts/Written Communication   CA
General Education for Transfer CSU Breadth   CA
Intersegmental General Education Transfer (IGETC)   CA
General/Liberal Studies Elementary Teacher Education AA-T   
General Studies: Arts AA  
General Studies: Natural Science AA  
General Studies: Social & Behavioral Sciences AA  
Liberal Studies: Multiple Subject Teacher Prep AA  
Health Sciences Registered Nurse AS  
Respiratory Therapy AS CA
History/Humanities/Law/Political Science History


Humanities AA  
Political Science


Kinesiology Kinesiology AA-T  
Mathematics Mathematics AS-T  
Media Arts          Broadcasting AA  
Broadcasting: Performance AA CA
Broadcasting: Radio AA CA
Broadcasting: Television AA CA
Cinema Arts Production AA CA
Cinema Arts Theory AA CA
Film, Television, and Electronic Media AS-T  
Journalism AA-T  
Journalism: Magazine AA CA
Journalism: Newspaper AA CA
Media Arts: Core Studies   CA
Media Arts: Directing AA CA
Media Arts: Post-Production AA CA
Media Arts: Producing AA CA
Media Arts: Screenwriting AA CA
Media Arts: Visual Effects AA CA
Photography AA CA
Music       Commercial Music AA  
Commercial Music: Instrumental/Vocal Performer   CA
Commercial Music: Jazz Studies   CA
Commercial Music: Music Arranging   CA
Commercial Music: Music Notation   CA
Music Technology   CA
Music AA, AA-T  
Philosophy/Economics    Economics AA, AA-T  


Religious Studies AA  
Jewish Studies AA  
Psychology   Psychology


Sociology/Ethnic Studies   African American Studies CA  
Chicano Studies AA  
Ethnic Studies AA  
Sociology AAAA-T  
Sociology: Social Welfare AA  
Theater and Dance     Theater Arts


Theater Arts: Acting AA  
Theater Arts: Directing AA  
Theater Arts: Technical AA  
Theater Production   CA
Theatrical Performance   SC
Musical Theater   SC
Workforce Development 21st Century Employability Skills - Basic   NC
21st Century Employability Skills - Basic/Intermediate   NC
21st Century Employability Skills - Intermediate   NC
21st Century Employability Skills - Intermediate/Advanced   NC
21st Century Employability Skills - Advanced   NC
Insurance   NC
Gig Economy Careers in Entertainment   NC
Robotics and PLCs   NC
World Languages and Cultures Foreign Languages AA  
French AA  
German AA  
Italian AA  
Spanish AA, AA-T  
Spanish Language