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LAVC Rideshare Program


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Los Angeles Valley College, in cooperation with the South Coast Air Quality Management District, is working to reduce air pollution caused by college employees commuting to and from work. To accomplish the goal of reducing air pollution the college has instituted the LAVC Rideshare Program which entails conducting at least an annual survey of employees’ modes of transportation to determine the college’s AVR (Average Vehicle Ridership) which lets us know how many riders we average per vehicle, our goal being 1.50, providing incentives to employees who carpool, use public transportation, bicycle or walk to work, and for those using alternative fuel vehicles. Additional services provided include:

Maintaining a zip code listing of participating employees to assist in creating carpools. (The zip code list is generated from the annual surveys.)

A Guaranteed ride home program so that an employee using these alternative forms of transportation can rest assured that in the event of an emergency the employee will be provided a ride home from work.

Providing links to the public transportation agencies serving the area.

The Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC): Nuria Zaldana. , telephone 818-947-2336, may be contacted for any questions concerning this program.

Public Transportation Agencies

Metro Logo

LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

O.C.T.A. Logo

Orange County Transportation Authority

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Riverside County Transportation Commission


San Bernadino Associated Governments

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Ventura County Transportation Commission

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South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)