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Program Review Information and Resources

ALL modules due June 30th, 11:59 pm (this is a hard deadline, no exceptions)

Validations due September 1st.

2021 Program Review System

Prior Program Review entries (2015-2017)

2020 Program Review Resource Request Quick Guide

Video Instruction

Service Area Outcomes 

Frequently Asked Questions (links to PEPC Program Review web site)

The required modules list

Blank Modules (pdf)

The modules due for the 2021 Program Review Cycle are:

  • Department Profile & Achievements
  • Department/Program Profile & Accomplishments
  • Curriculum (*Instructional programs only)
  • Data - Achievement
  • Data - Enrollment
  • Facilities
  • Goals
  • Influences, Collaboration & Grants
  • Professional Development
  • Service Outcomes Update (*all areas providing services/operational areas)
  • SLO Update (*Instructional programs only)
  • Staffing (all Other)
  • Staffing (Instructional - All tenure track positions)
  • Supplies
  • Technology
  • Viability/Self-Study (*areas previously or currently on viability/self-study)

Refer to the required modules list. Contact Michelle Fowles or Christina Peter if you still have a question about whether or not you need to complete a specific module.