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External Sources of Information

LACCD Sources of Information

Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Office of Research & Institutional Effectiveness



Instructional Staffing Studies -  Data Book (FTES, WSCH, WSCH per FTE, Average Class Size)

Employee Data

LACCD Employee Demographics (March 2010)

LACCD Employee Headcount & Average Pay - March 2011 , March 2012 Draft

LAVC Staff and Faculty Demographics (March 2021)

Student Demographics & Profile

First Generation College Students by Ethnicity (LACCD Student Survey) 2009, 2012

Full-Time Part-Time Status by Demographic Groups (PDF)

Student Demographics by Educational Path (PDF)

Educational Goal Representation by College (PDF)

LACCD Student Survey - Fall 2009, Spring 2012


Student Achievement

Success in regular and online classes by discipline 2006-2011

Student Success and Growth of Online Instruction (2011) (PDF)

2002-2011 Retention Rates by Demographic Groups(PDF)

2002-2011 Success Rates for Demographic Groups (PDF)

2001-2010 Persistence Rate for Demographic Groups (PDF)

Valley Distance Education Crosstabs (PDF)



External Sources of Information


Community College Data & Reporting

Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges (ARCC);

Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges (ARCC) 2012 LAVC (PDF)

Basic Skills Accountability Reports 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 (CCCCO)

CCCCO Data Mart

Basic Skills Progress Tracker

Courses - Data Mart: Credit Courses/Sections, Course Details, Non-Credit Courses/Sections, Basic Skills Courses/Sections

Grade Distribution - Data Mart

Faculty & Staff: Annual Statewide Staffing Reports, Faculty & Staff Demographics Report

Program Awards Summary Tool

Retention/ Success Rate Tool

Students/Headcounts (CCCCO): Annual Term Count, Enrollment Status, Day/Evening Status, Part-time/Full-Time (Unit Load), Citizenship, Education Status, FTESDE FTES

System Wage Tracker

Student Success Scorecard Metrics

Student Services - Data Mart: Assessment Summary, CalWorks, DSP&S, EOP&S, Financial Aid; Matriculation

Transfer Velocity - Data Mart

Wage Tracker - Data Mart



California Community Colleges State Chancellor's Office 

Community College League of California

Curriculum Inventory (CCCCO)

Occupational Education Programs (EDD) - TOP & CIP searches

Salary Surfer (CCCCO)

Scorecard (CCCCO)

Student Success Initiative Reports & Studies (CCCCO)

Technology, Research and Information Systems (CCCCO)

Top Code and CIP Tables (CCCCO)

2016 State of the System Report (CCCCO)




Community (Demographic Data)

Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley

U.S. Census Bureau

Los Angeles Quick Facts

Census Reporter

LAEDC Demographic & Regional Profiles


Enrollment/Educational Data and Projections

California Department of Education (DOE) Data & Statistics  

California Department of Finance Demographic Research

State of California EDD Labor Market Information


Indicator Reports (Institute of Education Sciences NCES)

IPEDS Data Center

IPEDS Data Feedback Reports: 2015, 20142013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

National Center for Education Statistics 

US Department of Education Research & Statistics


K-12 Data

Accountability Progress Reporting (APR) (CDOE) 

Academic Performance Index (API) ( CDOE)

Education Data Partnership

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD site);

LAUSD District Data

LAUSD Accountability

 Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation 


Labor Market Data

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Employment Development Department


Research, Assessment, and SLO Sites

Research and Planning (RP) Group for California Community Colleges  

California Association of Institutional Research 

Association for Institutional Research 

SLO Terminology Glossary (ASCCC)


RP Group

RP Group Student Support (Re)defined College Data Report LA Valley (PDF)

RP Group Student Support (Re)defined College Summary LA Valley (PDF)

LAVC Focus Group Summary (PDF)


Transfer Data

California Community College Transfers to In-State Private and Out-of-State Four-Year Institutions [2009-2010 (2012), 2008-2009 (2011), 2007-2008 (2010), 2006-2007 (2009), prior years]: Note, more current years are found through the Transfer Velocity tool on the CCCO Data Mart.

California Postsecondary Education Commission through (2009-10)


California Community College Transfers to California State University Dashboard

CCC to UC (UC)

California Community College Transfer to University of California

CCCCO Transfer Data Resources (Chancellor's Office)

CSU Analytical Studies

Student Right-To-Know

Transfer Velocity



U. S. Department of Education