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Office of the Ombudsperson

Office of the Ombudsperson for Los Angeles Valley College Employees

Office of Ombudsperson

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Please contact Acting Associate Dean Cecilia Cruz by email

What We Do

The Office of Ombudsperson provides a confidential, neutral, and independent forum for Los Angeles Valley College employees to express workplace-related concerns, to give options to help resolve personality conflicts, and serves as a reliable source of information and support.

The Office of Ombudsperson does not serve as an advocate for any person in a dispute, does not mediate between parties, conduct investigations, facilitate dispute resolution, or handle complaints of unlawful sexual harassment and/or discrimination.

Code of Ethics

The ombudsperson, as a designated neutral,

  • Has the responsibility of maintaining strict confidentiality concerning matters that are brought to his/her attention unless given permission to do otherwise. The only exceptions, at the sole discretion of the ombudsperson, are where there appears to be imminent threat of serious harm or legal duty to report unlawful conduct.
  • Should not testify in any formal judicial or administrative hearing about concerns brought to his/her attention.
  • When making recommendations, he/she has the responsibility to suggest actions or policies that will be equitable to all parties.
  • May provide the institution feedback on trends, issues and practices to provide support for responsible systems change without breaching confidentiality or anonymity.
  • Remains an information and off-the-record resource.
  • Helps the employee develop a range of responsible options to resolve problems and facilitates discussion to identify best options and when possible, helps the employee develop new ways to solve problems themselves.
  • May take notes but adheres to a strict policy of shredding any such notes.
  • Does not testify in any formal personnel action, judicial or administrative hearing about concerns brought to his/her attention.
  • Adheres to the Code of Ethics