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Full-Time Faculty


HHLPS Department Chair

Michelle Visco

Professor of History

A.A., Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa
B.A. History, University of California, Los Angeles
M.A. History, University of California, Riverside

Ms. Visco teaches both face-to-face and online courses. She teaches History 385, Directed Studies every Fall and Spring semester in which students can serve as interns at the LAVC Historical Museum.  Ms. Visco currently serves as the LAVC Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society Faculty Advisor.  She is an active member of the American Historical Association and the National Council on Public History.  She also volunteers as a docent at the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles.



Full-Time History Faculty

Rick Murray

Associate Professor of History

A.A., Moorpark College
B.A., University of California, Los Angeles
M.A., California State University, Northridge

Mr. Murray specializes in United States History, California History, and the History of Western Civilization. He has taught at College of the Canyons, Ventura College, El Camino College, Compton College and L.A. Mission College.  Mr. Murray currently serves as the Campus Distance Education Committee Chair, and as the Treasurer of the Academic Senate.



Dr. Chris Nielsen

Assistant Professor of History

B.A. History, UC San Diego
M.A. History, UC Santa Barbara
PhD American History, UC Riverside

Dr. Nielsen teaches American History, Western Civilizations, and World History, and specializes in the Twentieth Century United States and anti-immigrant movements.  He previously taught at Santa Monica College, Cuesta College, U.C. Santa Barbara, and U.C. Riverside, in both face to face and online formats. He currently serves as the Tau Alpha Epsilon Honors Club faculty advisor.


Full-Time Humanities Faculty

Edward Gika

Assistant Professor of Humanities

B.A. California State University, Northridge
M.A. California State University, Northridge

Mr. Gika specializes in the Humanities and English Literature and Composition and has previously taught at C.S.U.N. and at Pierce and Mission community colleges throughout his academic career. He has led student group tours and educational field trips to Italy, Greece, and Turkey and established the Albert Einstein Academy for Letters, Arts, and Sciences charter school serving as its founding principal in its first six years.

Mr. Gika has experience teaching on-site, on-line, and hybrid formats and currently serves as Humanities instructor in the HHLPS Department.


Full-Time Political Science Faculty

Dr. Anthony O’Regan

Professor of Political Science

Ph.D., M.A., University of California, Santa Barbara

Dr. O’Regan specializes in American politics, Latin American politics, International Political Economy, theories of Political and Economic Development, and American Public Administration. He has taught at Cerritos, Pitzer, Los Angeles Mission, Harbor, Valley Community Colleges, Scripps College and the University of California Santa Barbara. He has assisted in editing Latin America in the 1940s and Between the Economy and the Polity, Uruguay 1811-1890.
Office: (818) 947-2461