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Pay for Print

Pay For Print


The Los Angeles Valley College “Pay for Print” services can be used at the Computer Commons located on the second floor of the Library & Academic Resource Center, room 234, and at various other locations throughout the campus. This system allows students to print without restriction on the number of pages printed for 10 cents per page.

At the Pay for Print station, the cash machine accepts dollar bills, quarters, dimes and nickels. The Pay for Print system can be used from any workstation in the Computer Commons.

How to Use the Pay For Print Station

  1. Begin by using the regular print function from within the application you are using to do your work. For example, if you are in Microsoft Word use the normal Word print command. Click the “Print” button. Once you have clicked “print”, you will see the following screen. Confirm your student account is shown in the “Your Name” field. Then, at the bottom-right, click on “Send to Print Release Station”.
    Pay for Print screen on student workstation
  2. Next, go to the Print Release Station located in the center of the Computer Commons. The area will look like this:
    Photo of pay for print release station
  3. At the Print Release Station you will see the following screen. Click on “Print Release Station” to begin the printing process.
    Task Selectin Screen
  4. In the next screen, type in your student account and then click “Proceed”.
    Task Selectin Screen
  5. In the next screen, if you have sent multiple print jobs to the printing station you will see them listed here. Click the check box next to the print job you want to complete. Then, click “Print”.
    Print Release Station Screen
  6. The next screen tells you how many pages are going to get printed and the cost of your print request.
    Print Release Station Screen: Page total and cost total
  7. You can now deposit funds into the Pay for Print cash machine. Deposit coins at the top of the machine and dollar bills in the front.
    The Pay for Print cash machine
  8. FINAL STEP: Your screen will now reflect the amount of funds you have deposited into the Pay for Print cash machine. If you are ready to complete your print job, click on the “OK” button. If you have changed your mind you can click the “Cancel” button and the money you deposited in the Pay for Print cash machine will be refunded and you will return to the previous screen. 

    IMPORTANT! If you click the “OK” button to complete your print job, stay by the printer until all your pages have been printed. Don’t forget to take your print outs.
    Print Release Station Screen: Page view after money has been given