California Assembly Bills 705 & 2248

Two recent Assembly Bills have been passed that affect community college students:


AB-705 was signed into law on October 13, 2017 and will be fully implemented for LACCD students starting Fall 2019. According to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office:

  • Evidence suggests that community colleges are placing too many student into remediation, and that many more students would complete transfer requirements in math and English if allowed to bypass remedial pre-requisite courses and enroll directly into transfer-level math and English courses.
  • The goal of AB-705 is to ensure that students are not placed into remedial courses that may delay or deter their educational progress unless evidence suggests they are highly unlikely to succeed in the college level course.

AB-705 requires that students will begin and complete transfer-level coursework in English and Math within a one year time frame. Students enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction will complete ESL and transfer-level coursework in English within a three-year timeframe.
Placement of students into English and Math courses will be based on self-assessment during the application process which uses the following multiple measures:

  • High school coursework
  • High school grades
  • High school grade point average (GPA)

Students may see a counselor for guidance regarding placement or see Math/English/ESL Department Chairs for prerequisite challenges or proper placement.


AB-2248 was signed into law September 26, 2018 regarding Cal Grant eligibility.

If you are eligible for and receiving a Cal Grant award, keep in mind that you need to take at least 15 semester units per Fall/Spring semester, or 30 semester units per academic year, in order to complete an Associates Degree within two years at Los Angeles Valley College. If you plan to transfer to a university, you need to take at least 15 semester units per Fall/Spring semester, or 30 semester units per academic year, to complete your Bachelor’s Degree within four years. Cal Grant awards are limited to four academic years, except for students enrolled in an institutionally required five year undergraduate program or for students with Bachelor’s Degrees admitted to and enrolled in a professional teacher preparation program.

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