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Faculty Handbook


This handbook is a useful guide for faculty at Los Angeles Valley College. Suggestions for improvements are welcome and should be sent to

Please note that Federal, State, and local laws, Board Rules, Los Angeles Community College District rules and regulations, and the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Los Angeles College Faculty Guild and the LACCD Board of Trustees take precedence over information in this handbook.

Download PDF of the Faculty Handbook

The Basics: Employee Information

  • Assignment categories, District portals, rating in, payment, understanding your paycheck, benefits, retirement

Assignment categories:

  • Regular (permanent) employees have completed their probationary assignments and achieved tenure, usually in the 4th year of employment to commence the following fall semester.
  • Probationary (tenure-track contract) faculty are still serving a four-year probationary period.
  • Long Term Substitutes are considered temporary, non-contracted faculty.
  • Limited Contract faculty have been appointed on a temporary contract, usually for a specially funded program or special assignment. Service in this status does not count toward tenure. Limited contract employees have the same benefits as other contract employees in certificated service.
  • Non-contracted adjunct faculty work on a part-time basis and may not exceed a 67% load in the District except under special circumstances with a waiver approved by the union and the college president.
  • The term “adjunct rate faculty” refers to those faculty teaching hourly rate classes, either as true adjunct faculty or as contract faculty teaching extra assignments in addition to their regular load. See Article 16 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for seniority rules.

District Portals:

To make changes to your personal information (e.g., address, bank account information, life insurance beneficiaries, changes or enrollment in health benefits), use the SAP portal from an on-campus computer. Click on this link -- SAP Enterprise Portal. You can use a computer in the PDC (LARC 200) to access this portal.

To log in: The default username is your email log-in name. The temporary password is your 2-digit birth month (May: 05) + the first letter of your last name (K if it’s “Kaye”) + the last 4 digits of your social security number (2345): for example, “05K2345.” Then you can change it to whatever you would like.

To print your class rosters, exclude students, assign grades, email your students, and more, use the LACCD Web Faculty Instructor System, accessible from any computer, on campus or off-campus. Tutorials are available on the Faculty/Staff Resources page.

To log in: Use your email log-in name (the first six digits of your last name + the initial of your first name and initial of your middle name, if you have one). Your password the first time you log in is 0 + your employee number if it starts with a "1" (no 0 if it starts with a 6 or 7). You can reset it after the first time.


Rating-in: All regular, contract faculty are rated in on the salary schedule, based on their academic preparation and prior teaching experience. District HR handles the rating-in process.

Payment: Salaries of instructors are paid in 10 or 12 equal monthly installments. See the current salary schedule in Appendix A of the contract for rates of pay. If you have questions about your paystub, see Tom Aduwo, our Single Point of Contact (SPOC) in the Payroll Office. If you use Electronic Funds Transfer, your salary will be deposited directly to your financial institution and a salary warrant will be sent to your college email address. Checks and paystubs are sent by U.S. mail to those not opting for automatic deposit. Salary warrants are sent on the last day of the month.

To have the warrant also sent to your personal email, log into SAP from a campus computer and add your email address. If you need help, contact the LAVC Personnel Office.

Your salary is subject to the following automatic deductions:

  • Retirement (STRS Defined Benefit for FT faculty; STRS Defined Benefit, STRS Cash Balance, PARS, or Social Security options for adjunct faculty)
  • Federal and State income tax
  • AFT College Faculty Guild dues or agency shop fee

Voluntary deductions (to FACCC, the LAVC Foundation, the AFT College Faculty Guild Foundation, or other approved organizations) may be authorized by the instructor by filling out a payroll deduction card.

Column Placement: Faculty are rated in and placed on a row (based on years of teaching experience) and a column (based on level of education). For every year of service, faculty automatically move down one row. If you reach the maximum number of rows for your column, you cannot move any further until you move across to another column. (See Appendix A of the contract for more information.)

Column Advancement: Instructors who take advanced education may qualify for column advancement on the salary schedule. If you have earned enough points to move to the next column, file a form with the District Human Resources Division. Contact the HR Help Desk by calling (213) 891-2080 or emailing them through the Intranet portal. You can also click here to access forms.

District Hospital-Medical, Dental, Vision Coverage, and Life Insurance:

New contract instructors must enroll within the first 30 days of the semester in which they are first employed. Continuing contract instructors may make changes in medical, dental, and vision programs during the annual open enrollment period in fall. The District pays the premiums for hospital-medical, dental, and vision coverage for the employee and eligible dependents.

Life insurance is also a covered benefit for contract faculty. You can change beneficiaries or update information through the SAP portal.

Adjunct faculty who qualify may pay a portion of the premiums and have access to the same plans that contract faculty have. Eligibility and information on enrollment can be found on the Health Benefits page of the LACCD website. The District Health Benefits unit can be reached at (888) 428-2980. A recent benefit for adjunct faculty who teach more than a 50% load is free vision coverage for the employee only. You simply need to sign up for it.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program):

A free benefit for all employees, whether or not they qualify for benefits, is the Employee Assistance Program, which offers free counseling services for emotional, family, or other personal problems, plus guidance on financial and legal issues, accessible 24 hours a day. You are entitled to six (6) face-to-face, telephone, or web video consultations per incident during each plan period. To contact the provider, MHN, call (800) 327-0449 or go to -– log in with company code: laccd

The Educational Services Center (District Office):

There are many resources available on the District website. Forms, such as performance evaluations and conference attendance requests, can be accessed on the Human Resources page.


A useful guide, the 3 R’s of Retirement, can be found on the District website. Following the correct procedures for retirement is very important. Contract faculty are automatically in the CalSTRS Defined Benefit plan. Adjunct faculty can find information about retirement options on the Adjunct Retirement Resource Center on the College Faculty Guild website,

An addition to the District retirement plan, supplemental retirement options are available through the District. These allow faculty to not only save more for retirement but also reduce their taxable income each year! For options and to set up your tax-deferred 403b and 457 account, see the District Retirement Services website. To obtain salary deferral forms to have the funds deducted from your salary, contact Tess Mangalindan in the LACCD Payroll Office,


Contract and adjunct faculty are entitled to a number of leaves (e.g., illness, jury duty, etc.). See Article 25 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Office of Academic Affairs:

The Office of Academic Affairs handles matters related to instruction. See the faculty resources sidebar on its website for useful information and forms.

Offers of Employment:

The Office of Academic Affairs sends offers of adjunct rate assignments for the next semester’s classes by the 10th week of the preceding semester to your LAVC email address or other District email. The email will come from a special email address -- -- and you need to indicate your acceptance or refusal of the offer by responding within 10 working days. No response to the offer within 10 days will be deemed as a refusal of the assignment. So it is very important that you check your college email regularly since offer letters are no longer mailed to your home address.


Instructors must notify the Office of Academic Affairs as far in advance as possible when you need to be absent. To report your absence, call 818-947-2326 during regular business hours (Monday-Thursday 7:00 am-8:30 pm and Friday 7:00 am-3:30 pm) or to the Absence Line at 818-947-2900 outside of the regular business hours. Include your name, department, reason for absence, length of expected absence, class schedule during the period of absence, and room numbers where your classes meet. Absent instructors must also email or call their department chair and submit an Absence Certification/Request form to the department chair the following day. See policy and procedures on absences for more information. Class will be cancelled. Only department chairs may request and obtain approval for a substitute for any missed class. DO NOT ARRANGE FOR A SUBSTITUTE YOURSELF.

Nonclassroom faculty should contact their supervisors. Counselors should call (818) 947-2636.

If you are absent for more than five days, you need to fill out a Physician’s Statement. Following an absence, an absence report will be placed in your mailbox. It must be filled out, signed by your department chair, and returned to your area dean upon your return. Failure to fill out absence reports promptly may result in withholding of salary.

Performance Evaluations:

Performance evaluation procedures for contract, temporary, and adjunct faculty are described in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (contract) – Article 19 for adjuncts and tenured faculty, Article 42 for probationary faculty. See the evaluation forms in Appendix C for the criteria on which you will be evaluated as well as the student evaluation forms.

District Sexual Harassment Policy:

The policy of the LACCD is to provide an educational and employment environment free from discrimination and harassment. The college no longer has its own campus Compliance Office. Information on the District policy and how to file complaints can now be found on the District Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion webpage.

Faculty obligations:

Article 13.D.8 and Appendix Q of the contract list the duties that are required or expected of all faculty.

Work Environment:

See Article 9 of the contract for information on facilities, support, and technology available to you on campus.


The Adjunct Survival Guide is a useful handbook created by the AFT College Faculty Guild to explain aspects of the contract that apply to adjuncts. The Guild website has a tab for adjuncts with resources that explain unemployment, retirement, health benefits, seniority, and more.