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LAVC Meteorology Data


The following LAVC Meteorology data is made possible through funding from the Virtual DESERTS VTEA (Vocational Technical Education Act) grant.

The Virtual DESERTS Project builds on an existing partnership between Los Angeles Valley Community College (LAVC) and Boston University (BU) which began in 2008 with the National Science Foundation funded PolarTREC Program.  Los Angeles Valley College Earth Science Associate Professor Jacquelyn Hams and Boston University researcher Dr. David Marchant were partners in a Teacher- Research Experience to the cold polar desert region in Beacon Valley, part of the Dry Valleys region of Antarctica.  The field research involved drilling through buried glacial ice, studying the glacial landforms, and analyzing weather data.

Virtual DESERTS contributes to the body of knowledge regarding weather and climate by collecting and contrasting original data from meteorological stations in a variety of desert environments.  The data collected by scientists will be used for research in climate modeling, and in education to train two-year college students in research.

The following downloadable items contain data collected from the Los Angeles Valley Meteorology station:

2012 DATA

2011 DATA