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The Technology Department now has a DreamSpark Premium web store for Technology Department students.

You need to request an account. Go to the following URL:

Complete the form, please carefully following the following directions. If you don't, you won't receive an account. I am administering this on my own free time, and don't have time to respond to students who don't take the time and care to follow simple directions. 

  1. For first and last name, please use your name exactly as registered with the college. 
  2. For email, please enter your email address. No other email address can be accepted. 
  3. For Issue Description, please include the name and section number of each class in the Technology Department which you are taking this semester. 

Once you have filled out the form properly, press Continue. I will receive an email with your request. Assuming you followed directions in filling out the form, you will receive a response, but please be patient. As I've said, I am administering this on my own free time. 


Jeffrey Kent 
Professor of Computer Science 
Los Angeles Valley College