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Course Pathways


CSIT is both a transfer and vocational education program. A number of our students plan to transfer to a 4 year college. Other of our students are here to obtain new skills or improve existing skills. The two plans are not mutually exclusive. Some of our students are here for both reasons.


This page will describe different course pathways to achieve different goals, some transfer, some new or improved skills, some both. Some of these pathways may also enable you to earn a certificate, or an A.S. degree in Computer Science.


For each course pathway, there is an order in which you take classes, and classes cannot be skipped. Most of our courses have prerequisities. For example, before you take our intermediate programming class, CSIT 839, you have to pass our introductory programming class, CSIT 802. The purpose is so you know the information which you are assumed to know for the next course.  

First step

CSIT 802, Introduction to Computer Science, is the first course you should take for any of these pathways. From there: 

Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming, or OOP, is very important for both job skills (as most programming languages use OOP principles) and for preparation for transfer to 4 year computer science or computer information programs. Take these courses in this order.

CSIT 839, Intermediate C++ Programming.

CSIT 840, Object-Oriented Programming in C++


Additionally, you can earn a Skills Certificate in C/C++ by then taking:


CSIT 861, Advanced Windows Programming 

Data Structures

Understanding data structures also is very important for both job skills (check out the books on data structures in game programming) and for preparation for transfer to 4 year computer science or computer information programs. Take these courses in this order:


CSIT 836, Introduction to Data Structures

CSIT 832, Advanced Data Structures 

Windows and Web Programming

Windows and web programming are very important job skills.



CSIT 808, Programming in Visual Basic


CSIT 895, Programming in C#



and then

CSIT 870, Windows and Web Database Programming