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Credit ESL course can be transferred to All Cal state university, All Universities of California, USC and Other Colleges and Universities.

Credit ESL Curriculum


The main goal of the Credit ESL Curriculum is to enable students to progress quickly and competently to ENG 101.  This means that students who master pre-requisite skills for higher level courses will be encouraged to accelerate through the course sequence.

Grammar/Writing – 6 unit courses

  • E.S.L. 8:            High-Advanced ESL Composition course leading to English 101
  • E.S.L. 6A:         Advanced Level 
  • E.S.L. 5A:         High-Intermediate Level 
  • E.S.L. 4A:         Intermediate Level 
  • ESL 3A:            Low-Intermediate Level      

Reading/Vocabulary - 3 unit courses

  • E.S.L. 6B:         Advanced Level
  • E.S.L. 5B:         High-Intermediate Level
  • E.S.L. 4B:         Intermediate Level
  • ESL 3B:            Low-Intermediate Level

Listening/Speaking - 3 unit courses

  • ESL 6C:           Advanced Level
  • ESL 5C:           High-Intermediate Level
  • ESL 4C:           Intermediate Level
  • ESL 3C:           Low-Intermediate Level

Sequence of Courses

The Credit ESL Curriculum is designed for students who want to study English for academic purposes.  The main pathway through the course sequence starts in ESL 3A and ends in E.S.L. 8.  To facilitate the mastery of all English language skills, we encourage students to enroll in the “B” courses (Reading / Vocabulary) and the “C” courses (Listening / speaking) together with the “A” courses (writing / grammar). 

Students can enroll into the Credit ESL Curriculum by completing the Placement Assessment Process through Student Services (which is only available for students who have not completed the Placement Assessment Process within one year), or by completing the Credit ESL Pre-Requisite Challenge Process for any credit ESL course. 

Please contact the Chair of the Dept. if you have any questions:

Dr. RS Hubbard, Chair (tel: 818.947.2525; email:

Bridge from Non-Credit ESL to Credit ESL

The Credit ESL Dept. works closely with the Los Angeles Valley College Continuing Education (CE) Dept., which offers non-credit ESL courses as a pathway to Cedit ESL courses. If you are currently in an upper-level ESL NC CE course, you may transfer to the Credit ESL Curriculum to complete your academic goals.  

Please contact the Chair of the Dept. if you have any questions:

Dr. RS Hubbard, Chair

Tel:       805.328.5189