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Prerequisite Clearance

and Excess Units


LAVC Student Prerequisite Clearance and Excess Units:

Students are responsible for meeting all course prerequisites. Course prerequisites are listed in the Schedule of Classes and College Catalog and must be cleared before a student can enroll in a course that requires such prerequisite. Students may use copies of unofficial transcripts to clear prerequisites based on satisfactorily completed courses taken at accredited colleges and universities.

For prerequisite clearance: from your LACCD Student Email Account, submit copies of your unofficial transcripts and the completed LAVC Prerequisite Clearance Form to requesting counselor review for prerequisite clearance based on your previous course(s) taken. Also, make sure that the targeted course(s) you plan to enroll in is(are) listed on the form.

For permission to enroll in excess units: from your LACCD Student Email Account, send email including your name, ID#, Course Name/#, Permission Code from Instructor, and total units requested for enrollment to

Students in Special Programs (i.e., EOPS, SSD, Veterans, TriO, Black Scholars, DRC, etc.) may indicate, using the drop down menu, which program you are in to direct your request to the appropriate counselor.

A counselor will review and respond to your request within 24 – 48 hours.

For cases that require a Department Chair's expert review of previous records/transcripts, or if a student wants to challenge a prerequisite, a counselor may assist students to request a Prerequisite Challenge directly from the Department Chairperson.