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College Transfer

Transferring to a 4-Year College/Univ


Want to successfully transfer to UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, CSUN or some other college/university? 

Los Angeles Valley College offers many programs and services to help you transfer to a four-year college or university. From honors classes to programs that offer specialized academic counseling, tutoring, and financial resources and support, LAVC can offers a variety of programs and services to help you make a successful transition.

We can help you:

Prepare to Transfer to a 4-Year College or University

Each college/university has specific transfer requirements, so Valley College has the following campus resources to help you reach your goal:

  • Our Counseling Department can help you create an individualized education plan to meet the transfer requirements for your desired major.
  • The Career/Transfer Center offers a library of career information and college catalogs, or you can make an appointment to meet with different college admissions representatives.

Stay On Track to Transfer

Valley College offers special programs and services that prepares students to transfer. There programs include:

  • The Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) offers honors courses to prepares you for the rigors of university-level studies.
  • The TRiO/SSS Program offers first generation, low income students a support system that includes individual counseling, individual tutoring, academic workshops, cultural activities, transfer information, computer labs, a laptop loan program, and complimentary school supplies.
  • EOPS/CARE Program offers special benefits such as counseling, tutoring, textbook vouchers, workshops, priority registration, progress monitoring and other services to help you meet your educational goal and prepare to transfer.
  • CalWORKs/GAIN is an education and training program established for students who are receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) benefits. Those students receive special benefits reserved for its students such as educational planning, childcare, books, tutoring, paid work-study, internships, job placement, workshops, tutoring, mentoring, and other services.
  • Puente Program prepares historically under represented students for transfer by offering academic and personal mentoring programs.

Be a Better Student
Studies have shown that students who transfer from LAVC do better at UCLA than students who start there as freshman.

  • Students who participate in the Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) enroll in honors classes, which provide a more rigorous course of study that prepares them for university-level work.

Increase Your Chances of Being Admitted
LAVC has excellent transfer rates to top college and universities around the country.

  • Students in the Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) are also eligible for priority consideration for admission to UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UC Riverside, Chapman College, Occidental College, Pomona College, Pitzer College, and Woodbury University.
  • Visit the Career/Transfer Center for workshops on “How to Transfer” and get an opportunity to meet with various college representatives.