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About Chemistry & Physics Department


A lab roomWelcome back to school and to the webpage for the Chemistry and Physics Department. You can quickly find any faculty member’s email on the faculty page. Additionally, some faculty have links to their personal webpages listed on the ‘Links’ page. The website containing downloadable copies of all the lab manuals for classes taught in chemistry can be found on the ‘Links’ page also.

Our department has been working to increase the number of students we can serve each term. As you may know, our classes are greatly in demand and often fill up before some students have a chance to register. If you are trying to register in a chemistry or physics class and find the class is full, you should keep an eye on the enrollment. If a student drops a section before classes start, a space will open up and you can take it. The college does not keep waiting lists anymore and so if you cannot find a space, come to the first class meeting (lab meeting if it is an online hybrid class) and see if you can be added by a random draw. There is little point in emailing the instructor before classes begin because the instructor cannot add one student in preference to others trying to add. This is why we conduct random draws in the first class meeting.

If you are registered and cannot attend the first class meeting BE SURE TO EMAIL YOUR INSTRUCTOR. Chances are if you do not inform your instructor you are missing the first day, you will be dropped from the class.

Chemistry 101 has the prerequisite of having completed Chem 68. In the past, the department offered a ‘Readiness Test’ which could be taken in lieu of having completed Chem 68. This test is not validated at the moment and so you must have completed Chem 68 (or Chem 60) at LA Valley College or a comparable class (Introductory or Preparatory Chemistry) at another community college or university. High school chemistry does not satisfy this prerequisite.

Other classes have prerequisites listed in the catalog and schedule of classes. If you feel you have met these prerequisites you can meet with the Chair of Chemistry and Physics to have your prerequisite validated. Obtain the ‘Prerequisite Validation Form’ in the Admissions office and make an appointment with the Chair to have it signed.

You can find a brief description of our classes on the Course Descriptions page or in the schedule of classes posted online. Should you have any questions about which physics or chemistry class might be appropriate for you to undertake, you can ask a counselor, a faculty member teaching the class in which you are interested, or the Chair of our department.