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Employees—Is Your Contact Information Correct on the LAVC Directory?

Let students, faculty, and staff find the best way to reach you at work by updating your contact information on the LAVC Directory! If you find that your work contact information is inaccurate or missing, let Administrative Services know so it can be updated.

Employees—Is Your Contact Information Correct on the LAVC Directory?

The LAVC Administrative Services Office encourages all administrators, department chairs, faculty and staff to check the accuracy of the employees in their department/program, and to notify the campus Webmaster if an employee's work contact information needs to be added, updated or removed on the online directory. 

Los Angeles Valley College has an LAVC Phone/Email Directory posted on the Web site noting the contact information for LAVC faculty, staff and administrators. This directory allows students, faculty, staff, and administrators to find work contact information for LAVC employees.

Department chairs and administrators - If you or your staff member finds that anyone in your department is inaccurately noted, missing, or is no longer working at LAVC, please send the following information to Tom Anderson in the Administrative Services Office at to be corrected or added (or request to remove someone who is no longer employed at LAVC):

(1) employee’s full name,

(2) nickname (if applicable),

(3) title,

(4) department,

(5) building location with room number

(6) LAVC phone number or voice mail extension,

(7) fax number,

(8) LAVC email address, &

(9) secondary phone number or email address (if applicable)

Faculty and staff - If an employee finds that his/her information is inaccurate or missing, he/she should send the requested information noted above to his/her department chair or supervisor, who upon verification and approval, will send it to Tom Anderson at to be corrected or added. Tom will then notify the administrator/department chair (or employee's supervisor) when the information has been updated online.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Anderson in the Administrative Services Office at (818) 947-2339


Posted by: LAVC PR Office on 10/11/2017 5:00:05 PM