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LAVC Physics Students Celebrated Metric Day 2017

LAVC Physics students recently celebrated Metric Day by inviting students, faculty and staff to guess their weight in meters and kilograms. This activity was held to raise awareness about the Metric system, which is used throughout the world, and to encourage people to sign a petition for the United States to move to the metric system.

LAVC Physics Students Celebrated Metric Day 2017

Students in the LAVC Chemistry/Physics Department celebrated Metric Day on Tuesday, October 10 with a display and metric weight guessing activity in the Student Union Plaza. 

A group of physics students gathered to celebrate Metric Day and to help increase the awareness of the metric system by suggesting visitors to guess their height and weight in the metric system of meters and kilogram. Visitors learned about how the U.S. industry is up to 60% metricated, and were encouraged to pressure our representatives to complete the metrication.

Metric Day is a math holiday that is typically celebrated on October 10. The students' Metric Day activity was designed to raise awareness on campus about the metric system, which is currently used by many countries around the world but not the United States. 

Every year, John Altounji, assistant adjunct professor, physics, LAVC, encourages people to sign a petition to ask the U.S. Government to adopt the metric system. For more information, visit Professor John Altounji's Web page


Pictured: LAVC Physics student measures a visitor's height with a meter ruler.


Posted by: LAVC PR Office on 11/1/2017 5:00:06 PM