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Lifestyle and Biology


There are two parts to this: knowing yourself - your aptitudes and lifestyle preferences - and matching that to a profession in, or starting with, Biology. Some of us like working outside, alone or in teams, and others prefer to be inside and independent. Additionally, you may want to combine your interests in politics or food or art with science.  This can all be incorporated into your career choice.

To discover more about what you already bring to the table, consider going to the LAVC Career Center. If you are interested in some informal personality assessment tests as a method of exploration, It is recommended to meet with a counselor there who can suggest which tests will suit you best.  Some assessment results provide clusters of job opportunities for you to consider based on what you already know about yourself.

One of the Tools available to you at the Career Center is a computer program known as EUREKA. EUREKA is a database that can give you job information on a national, state and sometimes regional basis. Among other things, this information will provide an extensive list of careers and their description; job demand, median job salary and growth outlook. You can find a limited amount of such information on our Webpage, Careers in Biology.