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LAVC Rideshare Program Information

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Administrative Services

LAVC Rideshare Program


Carpool. Alternative fuel. Public transport. Bicycle. Walk


Help our campus reduce pollution and earn incentives at the same time! Monetary incentives are available to regular LAVC employees who carpool, use public transportation, bicycle or walk to work, and for those using zero emission motor vehicles.  All participants should register with Administrative Services to participate in the Rideshare Program. To register, simply submit the Rideshare Claim Form for reimbursement. Please note, you must meet the eligibility requirements.


Carpoolers $1.25 per day
Public transportation users $1.00 per day + $25.00 per month with proof of ticket(s) purchase only.
Bicycle Riders & Walkers $1.25 per day
Zero Emission Motor Vehicle Drivers $1.00 per day + $25.00 per month with proof of such vehicle






Eligibility Requirements:

  • Regular employee, not unclassified.
  • Public Transportation and Zero Emission Motor Vehicles must have 12 days in the month to get the $25 added incentive.
  • Days counted are only Monday-Friday, weekends and holidays excluded. Carpools must travel at least 70% of the trip and arrive on campus together. For purposes of the Rideshare program, zero emission vehicles are defined as standard, licensed vehicles used exclusively under electric power on the way to work.

Required Documentation:

  • Completed Rideshare Claim Form
  • Copies of completed time sheets for the days claimed, or supervisor's signature verifying the days worked.
  • To receive the Public Transportation incentive, you must attach a copy of the tickets or a copy of the receipt of ticket purchase.
  • Submit Rideshare Claim Form and backup documentation to Kacey Chua in ACA 2301.

Please contact Kacey Chua at (818)947-2336, or, with any questions about the program.

Rideshare Program

How to Claim Your Rewards


LAVC Rideshare Claim Form

2) *Rideshare Program Participants Have Additional Chances to Win Prizes Through Metro

*Metro Rewards Program* 


Los Angeles Valley College, in cooperation with the South Coast Air Quality Management District, is working to reduce air pollution caused by college employees commuting to and from work. To accomplish the goal of reducing air pollution, the college has instituted the LAVC Rideshare Program. The Rideshare Program entails conducting at least an annual survey of employees’ modes of transportation to determine the college’s AVR (Average Vehicle Ridership), which lets us know how many riders we average per vehicle, our goal being 1.50.   Additional services provided include:

  • Help with using Metro RideMatching tool to find potential ridesharers near your home (the zip code list is generated from those signed up for Ride Guides).  Click here to access the RideMatching website.
  • A Guaranteed Ride Home Program so that registered participant of the Rideshare program can rest assured that in the event of an emergency the employee will be provided a ride home from work.  Please contact Kacey Chua at or (818)947-2336 for more information.
  • Providing links to the public transportation agencies serving the area.

*Log your carpool, bicycle, and walk commutes online for additional reward opportunities from Metro.* Click here to register and access the Commute Calendar and log your trips.

Still not convinced? Find out how much you are spending driving alone to work by clicking here!


Public Transportation Agencies


LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority


Orange County Transportation Authority


Riverside County Transportation Commission


San Bernadino Associated Governments


Ventura County Transportation Commission


South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)