About The Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering at Los Angeles Valley College.

We offer degrees in Chemistry, Physics and Engineering as pathways designed to transfer students to university prepared for success.

Chemistry Laboratory

Our classes employ a hands-on approach to learning, combining lecture, lab and problem-solving. Every semester, we offer several classes from introductory to advanced in a variety of modes from fully on campus to hybrid or fully online. You can find a brief description of our classes on the Course Descriptions page or in the schedule of classes posted online. Should you have any questions about which physics or chemistry class might be appropriate for you to undertake, you should schedule an appointment with a counselor. You may also ask a faculty member teaching the class in which you are interested, or the Department Chair for additional guidance.

If you are registered and cannot attend the first class meeting BE SURE TO EMAIL YOUR INSTRUCTOR. Chances are if you do not inform your instructor you are missing the first day, you will be dropped from the class as space in the lab rooms is limited due to safety.

Advanced courses generally have prerequisites. If you feel you have met these prerequisites you can meet with a counselor or the Department Chair to have your prerequisite validated. If you would like to challenge the prerequisite, fill out a Prerequisite Challenge Form and email it to the department chair along with supporting documentation, such as unofficial transcripts. Email from your LACCD student email address.

Our students are successful in transfering to UCs, CSUs and private universities and are well prepared to complete a variety of STEM and related degrees. While at LAVC, students find several opportunities through outreach and REUs, such as PREM, MacREU, JPL SIRI, etc... To find out more, contact the Department Chair.

We offer three scholarships for LAVC students:

  1. The Timberlake Scholarship is awarded to two to four exceptional Chem 51 students pursuing a degree in healthcare.
  2. The Chemistry and Physics scholarship is awarded to two exceptional students pursuing a STEM degree and completing one year of either the Physics or Chemistry sequence at Valley.
  3. The Engineering scholarship will be awarded to exceptional LAVC Engineering students planning to transfer and pursue an Engineering degree.

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship awards provided by our department, contact the department chair.

Take advantage of our free tutoring located online and on campus at the General Tutoring Center. If you are interested in becoming a Chemistry, Physics or Engineering tutor, you may contact the Department Chair for more information or follow the steps located here.