Careers in Biology

The best tool for researching Careers in Biology on campus is the EUREKA system found in our Career Center. (See: Lifestyle and Biology.) There you will find careers, median salaries and job growth outlook.

A Website offering a quick look with some career and salary examples can be found at the Website Career Thoughts: Some lists of Biology Careers have snappy titles like “77 Things to Do with a Degree in the Biological Sciences” posted on the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Website,, and “50 Things to Do with a Biology Degree” from DePaul University

Our professors have a list of career possibilities that we bring to you here from the University of West Georgia

  • Allied health profession (Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, physician assistant, occupational therapy, physical therapy, podiatry)
  • Animal science (veterinary, husbandry, wildlife biology, marine biology)
  • Environmental biology (environmental, consult horticulture, forestry, conservation)
  • Microbial science (microbiology, infectious disease, parasitology, virology, food and beverage)
  • Clinical laboratory scientist (in hospitals or industry)
  • Cell science (biotechnology, genetics, genetic counseling, immunology)
  • Technical marketing (pharmaceutical sales, medical device sales and consult, biotechnology sales)
  • The American Institute of Biological Sciences,, has an excellent Website answering career questions on salaries, opportunities, academic programs and information about actual working Biologists. This is a well-organized site.