What's New in Service Learning?

Cooperative Education/Service Learning Office is open for in-person services. For assistance, please email: coop@lavc.edu

  • Service Learning volunteering needs to be done at a 501(c)(3) organization or at partnering agencies
  • No on-campus volunteering through Service Learning
  • A minimum of 20 service hours is required
  • Receive a certificate of recognition when you volunteer 60 hours or more and enroll in 1 unit of Cooperative Education

Become a volunteer in your community, enhance your soft skills, and explore opportunities!

Los Angeles Valley College's Service Learning Program links students as volunteers with volunteer opportunities (PDF). Through volunteer service, students gain valuable practical experience that can be related to any class.

Many LAVC instructors incorporate Service Learning into their courses enhancing opportunities for learning, while allowing students to gain hands-on work experience in the community. Students participating in Service Learning must complete a minimum of 20 hours of service over the semester. Students must also maintain a "reflection journal," challenging them to think, write, and talk critically about (and thereby learn from) their experiences.

Here's How it Works:

  1. Ask your instructor(s) if they are willing to integrate Service Learning into their course for extra credit. Here is a list of participating Service Learning faculty.
  2. Start your search! Not sure where to volunteer? Check out our Volunteer Opportunities List. Please note: Students must contact agencies directly for volunteer opportunities and requirements.
  3. Complete the Service Learning Application. The form needs to be signed by your instructor and agency contact before submitting it to the Cooperative Education office. Forms can be emailed to coop@lavc.edu.
  4. Start volunteering and track your hours using the Service Learning Timesheet. Submit your completed timesheet to the Cooperative Ed. office by the specified deadline.

Benefits to You

  • Apply what you learn to real life experience
  • Engaged students increase the likelihood of remaining in school and achieving their goals
  • Foster cultural awareness and diversity
  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • Increase self-esteem and critical thinking skills
  • Volunteer and boost your resume and college applications

Benefits to Faculty

  • Relevancy of course material to the working world encourages students to remain in class and earn better grades.
  • Provides reflective learning tools and suggest feedback to maximize learning through service.
  • Questionnaires evaluate service and learning outcomes.
  • Develop students' civic and leadership skills.

Benefits to Community Agencies

  • Expand base of volunteers
  • Increase public awareness of key issues and services
  • Foster civic responsibility
  • Incorporate college students' enthusiasm, energy, and new perspectives to services provided
  • Help shape student learning and knowledge of their surrounding community
  • Develop long-term partnerships with the college

Spring 2021 Deadlines

SL Applications Due: Monday, February 8

SL Timesheets Due:
Not Applicable

Submit forms by email to: coop@lavc.edu