Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) requires a structured work environment and supportive supervisors or mentors to collaborate in overseeing student learning objectives. The application requires students, in partnership with their supervisor, to create measurable objectives to be achieved during the semester of enrollment.

The student must be employed, volunteering or interning prior to registering for Cooperative Education.

Important: self-employed students, temps, substitutes, informal childcare providers and homecare providers are not eligible.

Cooperative Education Expectations (Word) (PDF)

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Summer Session (June 13, 2022 - August 12, 2022)

Here's how to get started:

  1. Start by filling out the Summer 2022 Co-op Ed. Application.
  2. Email your completed application to along with your phone number and best time to reach you.
  3. A five minute phone interview will be set up to have your application reviewed by Professor Sabolic.
  4. Upon application approval, an email will be sent with a permission number to officially enroll in the class.

The last day to submit your Co-op Ed. application is June 24, 2022.

New to LAVC? Or returning after being absent for more than two semesters? Apply for Admission

Earn 1-4 units of college credit during fall and spring semesters. The unit breakdown is as follows:

Paid Positions Unpaid (Interns/Volunteers)
75 hours = 1 unit 60 hours = 1 unit
150 hours = 2 units 120 hours = 2 units
225 hours = 3 units 180 hours = 3 units
300 hours = 4 units

240 hours = 4 units

Cooperative Ed. courses are offered during the spring, summer, and fall.


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