AS-T in Film, Television, and Electronic Media

Please note: These requirements are based on 2021-2022 LAVC Catalog.

Complete a minimum of 60 transferrable semester units consisting of required courses for major, general education and elective courses as needed. Some major courses may double count for general education. Each major course must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Download Graduation Petition Form and return the completed form to the Admissions and Records Office early in your last semester of completing the requirements. Indicate the degree(s) and transfer certification(s) you are completing. For the latest degree requirements, please see the LAVC catalog.


Course Course Title UNITS
BRDCSTG 001 Fundamentals of Television and Radio Broadcasting 3
MEDIART 100 The Entertainment Industry: Breaking In 3

Course Course Title UNITS
BRDCSTG 026 TV-Film Aesthetics 3
CINEMA 107 Understanding Motion Pictures 3

Course Course Title UNITS
BRDCSTG 025 Radio/TV/Film Writing 3
MEDIART 116 Introduction to Screenwriting 3


Course Course Title UNITS
BRDCSTG 010 Radio Programming and Production 3
BRDCSTG 011 Digital Audio Editing and Production 3
CINEMA 110* Motion Picture Sound 3
MEDIART 110* Digital Film Sound 3

Course Course Title UNITS
BRDCSTG 046 Fundamentals of Television Production 4
BRDCSTG 047 Single Camera Production 4
CINEMA 101* Beginning Film Production 3
MEDIART 101 Introduction to Digital Film Production 3


Course Course Title UNITS
CINEMA 105 History of Motion Pictures 3
CINEMA 125* Film Production Workshop 3

Course Course Title UNITS
BRDCSTG 003 Voice and Diction for Radio and Television 3
BRDCSTG 005 Radio and Television Acting 3
BRDCSTG 006 Digital & Social Media Broadcast Communication 3
BRDCSTG 017 Introduction to Voice-Over 3
BRDCSTG 021 Advertising, Marketing and Promotions for Broadcasting 3
BRDCSTG 023 News, Sports, and Live Remote Broadcasting for Radio and Television 3
BRDCSTG 024 Podcasting Production For Radio & The Internet 3
BRDCSTG 028 Television Announcing I 3
BRDCSTG 032 Television History and Culture 3
BRDCSTG 049 Digital Documentary Broadcasting Production 4
BRDCSTG 051 Digital Non-fiction / Reality Production for Broadcasting 4
BRDCSTG 083* Field Work III - Broadcasting 3
CINEMA 102 Film Genres 3
CINEMA 103 Diversity in Cinema 3
CINEMA 104 History of Documentary Film 3
CINEMA 106 The Art of Animation and Effects 3
CINEMA 111 Developing Content for Movies 3
CINEMA 113 History of Animation 3
CINEMA 114 Master Filmmakers 3
CINEMA 115* Cinematography 3
CINEMA 120* Film Editing 3
CINEMA 150* Cinema Internship 3
MEDIART 103* Digital Imaging and Motion Graphics for Film and Television 3
MEDIART 104 Photoshop for Motion Pictures and Television 3
MEDIART 105* Visual Effects and Color Grading 3
MEDIART 113 Low Budget Producing 3
MEDIART 115* Digital Cinematography 3
MEDIART 118* Directing 3
MEDIART 120* Digital Film Editing 3
MEDIART 129 Mythology, Spirituality, and the Art of Story 3
MEDIART 130* Advanced Screenwriting 3
MEDIART 131* Advanced Episodic Writing 3
  Total units required for major:  18-21+

Follow CSU General Education Certification (CSUGE) OR Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) for CSU to meet general education unit requirements.

Required general education units: 39-41+
Required transferable elective units: 0-2=
Total transferable units required: 60