Math Tutoring Policies

Welcome to LAVC Math Tutoring!

Tutoring sessions are offered on a walk-in basis. No appointment is needed.

The central goal of the LAVC Math tutoring is to provide individualized and collaborative tutorial support for students at Los Angeles Valley College.

  • Student will be placed into a private room with a tutor.
  • Tutor will engage one student at a time, participating in one session at a time.
  • During the tutoring session:
    • Student may seek any kind of help (e.g. assistance with homework/assignments, review concepts from questions missed on quizzes/exams, ask the tutor for study skill strategy).
    • Tutor may ask student to use their notes to enhence understanding.
    • Tutor guides students to understand the process rather than to give them ready answer.
    • If the student is struggling, tutor may offer to work through a similar but different problem.
  • Sessions use audio and video upon student’s request.
  • Sessions have 15 - 20 min. limit if there is a student in a waiting line.

  • Foster a welcome environment for students to study and learn
  • Provide individual (one-on-one room) and group peer-tutoring (online meeting room)
  • Encourage students to ask questions and engage in the learning process
  • Help students not only to solve problems but also understand the process of solving it
  • Advise students on how to study for math courses, and provide tips on their own pathway to succeed in multiple math courses

Note: Availability of tutors are subject to change.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the tutoring session, the tutor may ask you to complete a very 1-minute short evaluation of the session at the end of the session.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

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Contact Information