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Let LA Valley College help you reach your academic goals.

Your future begins at LAVC! Whether you want to earn a degree, prepare to transfer to a university, or train for a job, check out the academic programs and degree and certificates we offer

As an LAVC student, you have access to a variety of student support programs and services on campus. Take advantage of campus resources and services to help you stay on track and be successful

Academic Resources

Campus Resources

Academic Support Services

Take advantage of the following academic support services:

Campus Services & Resources

Here's a quick list of important campus resources and services that are available to you:

Career Preparation Resources

We can help you prepare for a job or career with one of our career training programs:

Special Programs

We offer programs to help specific populations of students be successful in college:

Student Activities

Get involved and stay connected on campus with these student activities and resources:

Student Parent Resources

Being a student with kids has its unique challenges, and we have resources to help you: