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Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Los Angeles Valley College. The Department of Psychology consists of three major program areas: Psychology, Statistics for the Social Sciences, and Developmental Communications. I invite you to explore our web site, our programs and to meet our faculty to learn more about our comprehensive and exciting department.

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NEW CLASS: STATISTICS 100 - Foundations of Statistical Reasoning.
Social science and certain majors can now take Stats 100 and 101, which focus on logic and critical thinking, to satisfy their math requirements. Check with your counselor to see if you qualify. Enroll today!

About the Department

The Department provides day, evening, weekend and online classes to meet your schedule and needs. Psychology major requirements can be completed in less than two years and prepares you to enter a 4-year college as a Junior.

The Department offers the traditional Psychology major, as well as an excellent liberal arts and social science foundation for non-majors and minors. The Department of Psychology at LAVC is the only campus in the LA District that offers three major psychology specializations: General Psychology; Developmental Psychology; and Social and Personality Psychology. We strive to give you the best foundation and education possible; your success is our goal.

Our subdisciplines include Statistics for the Social Sciences and Developmental Communications.

Statistics for the Social Sciences

  • Provides analytical and quantitative training from the perspective of the social sciences
  • Meets the Mathematics Competency requirements for Associates degrees for all majors
  • Recommended or required for majors in: Anthropology, Archaeology, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, History, International Studies, Law, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Developmental Communications

  • Provides basic skills training in English-language reading, vocabulary and study skills
  • Has been of high value to our ESL population
  • Takes place in traditional classroom settings and in The Reading Lab.

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