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Public Relations Services & Request Process


The LAVC Public Relations Office provides promotional assistance to LAVC departments, programs, services, and ASU-chartered student clubs for their on-campus events, and departmental news.

Please note: LAVC Public Relations is unable to assist with promoting any non-college sponsored events, activities or announcements.


The PR Office offers the following services for LAVC Departments, Programs, and Services:

In addition, other types of promotional services are available.

Request Process

The LAVC PR Office provides the following services to assist LAVC department/programs with promoting their news and activities:

Media Relations Request

The PR Office can assist college departments/programs with sharing news and announcements to the general public by sending a press release or media advisory to local, regional or national news outlets.

NOTE: If you wish to have your event/announcement promoted beyond a press release, please see the PR Services Menu for how to submit that separate request.


To request to assistance of the PR Office to send a press release or media advisory about your news item or event, please contact Jennifer Fong Borucki.

Publications have different deadlines based on their production schedule. We ask that you submit your media relations request at least 2 weeks in advance for daily publications/local news stations, 2 months in advance for monthly publications, and 6 months for quarterly publications.

Complete the Media Relations Request Form

Required Information:

The requestor will need to provide the following information for the press release when requested by the PR Office:

  • What is to be promoted? Specific details.
  • Why is your news/event newsworthy?
  • An approved quote from the program/event lead or department chair or VP
  • Who to contact for more information (include name, phone, email and website)

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Fong Borucki in the Public Relations Office.

Valley Weekly Student Newsletter Request

The PR Office distributes a weekly student events/activity e-newsletter to current students called the Valley Weekly. This newsletter is emailed on Monday mornings and promotes news, events and activities for the week.

NOTE: If you wish to have your event/announcement promoted beyond the Valley Weekly, please see the PR Services Menu for how to submit that separate request. 

Required Format for Submission

Event Promotion Announcement

If you have a student event that you want to promote, please provide the following event information in your request:

  • Event/Activity Name (10 words or less)
  • Date & Start Time
  • Location, if applicable (no links)
  • Event promotion announcement text (50 words or less) with your event name, who should attend and why, what is to take place, a descriptive link to your accessible event flyer that is already publicly posted on your department website or LAVC Calendar (no flyer attachments), and a descriptive link for how register or get more information. [NOTE: All linked documents and webpage links must meet accessibility requirements.]
  • Requested publication date(s): Specify up to 3 Monday publication dates that your event should be promoted, including the week your event takes place. [NOTE: If you are requesting it be promoted over multple weeks, your request must be approved by the deadline for the first posting date.]

Student Announcement

If your department/program has a student announcement (not for a campus event/activity), please provide the following in your request:

  • Announcement Headline (10 words or less)
  • The announcement text (50 words or less) that shares what you want to announce, who to contact for more info, the deadline to RSVP, enroll or apply, and (if applicable) the descriptive link to your accessible flyer that is already publicly posted on your department website or OneDrive (no flyer attachments). [NOTE: All linked documents and webpage links must meet accessibility requirements.]
  • Requested announcement posting date: Submissions will automatically appear in only one issue; if you would like it appear in multiple weeks, please specify the start and end date you want it to appear and submit your request by deadline for your first posting date. [NOTE: Multi-week announcements will not appear every week, but regularly during the period.]


Process & Deadlines

Only LAVC employees, college departments/programs/offices, or ASU chartered clubs can submit a Valley Weekly request (in the required format) with the approval of their supervisor(s).

Request from Faculty/Staff:
  1. 1. A college faculty/staff member should email his/her request in the required format to the department chair/program director no later than 5 p.m. Tuesday the week prior to the event date
    • In the email subject, put "Valley Weekly Request -" with the event name.
  2. The department chair/program director will review for content and formatting/accessibility (read the accessibility requirements), and if approved forward it to the supervising dean/administrator by 12 p.m. Wednesday.
  3. The supervising dean/administrator will have a final review before submitting it to the PR Office by 5 p.m. Wednesday.
Request from Departments/Programs/Offices:
  1. The department chair/program director should email the request in the required format to your supervising dean/administrator no later than 12 p.m. Wednesday the week prior to the event date
    • In the email subject, put "Valley Weekly Request -" with the event name.
  2. The supervising dean/administrator will review requests for content and formatting/accessibility (read the accessibility requirements), and if approved submit it to the PR Office by 5 p.m. Wednesday.
Request from ASU Clubs:
  1. Requests can only be submitted for chartered ASU organizations by the designated club advisor.
  2. The club advisor must email the club's request in the required format to the Dean of Student Life no later than 12 p.m. Wednesday the week prior to the event
    • In the email subject, put "Valley Weekly Request -" followed by the event name.
  3. The Student Life dean will review request for content and formatting/ accessibility (read the accessibility requirements), and if approved submit it to the PR Office by 5 p.m. Wednesday.


Social Media Sharing/Posting Request

LAVC shares official information and promotes college achievements and activities to students, employees and the public on LAVC's Facebook, LAVC's TwitterLAVC's Instagram, and LAVC's LinkedIn feeds. 

NOTE: If you wish to have your event/announcement promoted beyond social media, please see the PR Services Menu for how to submit that separate request.

Options & Process

There are two options for your social media posting request—either tag us to share your post, or ask LAVC to post it for you.

Option 1: Social Media Sharing Request

To request for LAVC to share a post by that has been posted on your department/program's social media account with the college's social media followers, please do the following:

  • Facebook: tag @lavalleycollege
  • Instagram: tag #lavalleycollege
  • Twitter: tag @lavalleycollege

Note: A tagged post does not guarantee that it will be shared immediately. All tagged posts must meet the accessibility requirements before they can be shared.

Option 2: Social Media Posting Request & Deadline

To request for LAVC to post your social media photo/video on its official social media feeds, please submit the following to Jennifer Borucki at least 5 business days in advance of your event (or the requested announcement start date).

  1. Specify the type of posting (e.g. Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Facebook Post, Facebook Story, TikTok Video, Twitter Post)

  2. Attach a ready-to-post social media graphic/media file that meets the specs of your requested platform and type:
    • Facebook and/or Instagram Post (photo)
      • Dimensions: 1080px by 1080px
      • Accepted Format: .jpg
    • Instagram Story (video)
      • Dimensions: 1080px by 1920px (9:16 Ratio)
      • File size: under 30 MB
      • Accepted Format: .png or .jpg
    • Instagram Story (video)
      • Length: 15 seconds
      • Dimensions: 1080 by 1920 pixels
      • File size: under 4GB
      • Accepted Format: .MP4 or .MOV
    • TikTok Video (video)
      • Length: 15 seconds
      • Orientation: Horizontal
      • Dimensions: 1080px by 1920px (9:16 Ratio)
      • File size: 287.6 MB in size for iOS, or 72 MB on Android
      • Accepted Format: .MP4 or .MOV
    • Twitter Post (photo)
      • Dimensions: Minimum 440 by 220 pixels (2:1 Ratio)
      • Accepted Format: .jpg or .png
  3. For Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts requests (not videos or stories), provide the following:

    • A caption or description (250 characters or less) to be posted along with your provided graphic.
    • Your department/program/service's social media handle (if applicable).
    • The public website address (URL) for people to get more information. (OneDrive or SharePoint links are not permitted)
  4. Date (and time, if applicable) you are requesting that it be posted.

Marquee Posting

Campus announcements and upcoming events can be promoted on the college's two electronic marquees (one located on Burbank/Fulton, and the other on Oxnard/Fulton).

NOTE: If you wish to have your event/announcement promoted beyond the marquee, please see the PR Services Menu for how to submit that separate request.

Request Process & Deadline

To request a marquee posting, the faculty/staff should submit the following information by email to Jennifer Fong Borucki at least 5 business days in advance of the requested announcement start date:

  1. Announcement or Event name (50 characters or less)

  2. If applicable, event date, start & end time, and location

  3. For more information: Provide a contact name and phone number and/or website URL.

  4. Requested start & ends date for your marquee announcement (maximum of 30 days for each request)

Homepage Announcement

The PR Office can promote college news for prospective and current students and the general public on the LAVC homepage.

NOTE: If you wish to have your news item or announcement promoted beyond the homepage, please see the PR Services Menu for how to submit that separate request.

Request Process & Deadline

To request an news item or an announcement to be featured on the homepage, the faculty/staff submit the following information by email to Jennifer Fong Borucki at least 10 business days in advance of the requested start date:

1. Headline – Maximum of 50 characters, including spaces

2. Summary – A brief summary of your full announcement. Maximum of 250 characters, including spaces.

3. Full announcement – In a paragraph format with proper punctuation and grammer, please provide all the details for your news item or announcement. In the body of the announcement, please include the name of the department/program this is coming from, explain what it is, why is it important, and the phone number, email address and/or website to get more information.

Your provided text must also meet accessibility guidelines (e.g. heading styles, descriptive links, underlining is not used for emphasis, not using all caps for emphasis, etc.)

4. Requested start date & end date

5. A horizontal/landcape photo (no graphics or logos) that illustrates your news or announcement (e.g. photo of the award recipient). Contact Jennifer Fong Borucki for the graphic template.

Please note: There are a limited number of featured announcements at any given time, so requests can only be fulfilled based on availability.

Other Request Types

Below is information on how to publicity services offered by various college offices or services:

Student Communications Request

The college has the ability to send an email and/or text messages blast to students. There are three types of student communications that can be sent:

Request Process

Targeted Communication by Division Request

To request for a Blackboard communications to be sent to a targeted list of students by your division, read the process on the LAVC Blackboard Communications by Division Chart (PDF).

NOTE: If your division is asking for an all student message to be sent, please refer to the Communications to All Students process

Targeted Communications by Divison requests should be submitted to the following division lead over your area to review/approve:

  • Student Services: Dean of Student Services
  • Academic Affairs: Supervising Dean
  • Academic Affairs: VP Administrative Services

Please check the LAVC Communications Plan SharePoint site to plan the date/time for your division's designated sender to send your student communication on your behalf. (Messages to all active students need to follow the Communications to All Students process.) 

To submit a request for a specific student contact list, please submit a OIE Data Request.

Targeted Communication by Department Request

Department chairs that would like to send a Blackboard communication to students in their department's major, should read the Academic Programmatic Blackboard Communication Process [Word]. Please also check the LAVC Communications Plan SharePoint site to plan the date/time to send your message.

NOTE: If your division is asking for an all student message to be sent, please refer to the Communications to All Students process

Communication to All Students Request

Only the College PR Manager is authorized to send communication to "all students".

To request for your event or announcement to be shared with all currently enrolled students ("all students"), please submit a Valley Weekly student events e-newsletter request.

If any Division would like to send a separate "all student" Blackboard communication (in addition to in the Valley Weekly) on behalf of one of their departments or programs, the Division Lead should do the following:

  1. Check the LAVC Communications Plan SharePoint site to plan the date/time of the "all student" communication.
  2. Contact the PR Manager to make advanced arrangements to send their approved message.
  3. Have the division's designated sender upload the message (at least 24 hours in advance) so the PR Manager can send it out on the pre-arranged date.

NOTE: The division lead must ensure that the provided email text and any shared documents are fully accesible for individuals with disabilities. An all active student email request may not be fulfilled due to not meeting accessibility requirements.

Student Engagement Promotions Request

The LAVC Student Engagement Office can assist with promoting College Hour and student events on campus. 

Request process

To request the promotional assistance of the LAVC Student Engagement Office, please email Raquel Sanchez in the LAVC Student Life Office.

Graphic Design Request

The college's graphic designer can assist departments and programs with designing promotional materials for programs/services, and college events. 

Request process

To submit a request to create a digital or printed material (flyer, poster, social media graphic, brochure, etc.), please email Luiza Minasyan in the LAVC Professional Development Office to set up an appointment to discuss your request. 

LAVC Calendar Request

The college website has an LAVC Calendar of Events for students, faculty/staff, and the general public with campus events and LAVC Academic Calendar dates.

The LAVC Calendar system has the ability for departments/programs to be able to add campus events on the college-wide LAVC Calendar of Events on the homepage, as well as on their department/program webpage.

Request process

To request access to add your department/program events to the LAVC Calendar, please email Jennifer Fong Borucki with the following info:

  1. Department Name

  2. Specify if you want the Kentico calendar widget added to your webpage, or not.

  3. Name/email of the employee with an active Kentico account who will be designated to add events for your department/program.

Each designated Kentico user will need to be trained on how to use the LAVC Calendar system before administrative access will be granted to the LAVC Calendar.

Social Media Page Creation/Access Request

The college can assist you with creating a social media account for a department or program, or can give you administrative access to your department/program's existing social media account.

Request process

To create/request access to a social media account, please email Jennifer Fong Borucki to set up an appointment to discuss your request.

LAVC Webpage Update Request

College department, programs and services can request access to maintain their webpage on the college website, or request to services of the District Web Team to update content on their behalf.

Request process

To request to create a new (or update your current) web page, please email the LACCD Web Services Team with the email subject line of "LAVC -" followed by the subject of the request.

Student Club PR Request

Chartered ASU student clubs and organizations can request assistance to the LAVC PR Office for promoting their event(s).

Request process

Promotional requests from chartered ASU Clubs can only be submitted by the designated club advisor, or the ASU Commissioner of Public Relations.

The club advisor or ASU Commissioner should submit their request following the procedure when submitting their request:

Note: Requests are subject to a confirmation of an active charter of the club from Student Life before it can be fulfilled.

Accessibility Requirements for PR Requests

It is the responsibility of the requester (and, if applicable, the approver) to ensure that any linked promotional flyer or webpage content is accessible for individuals with disabilities. ​Any requests that do not meet the required accessibility guidelines will not be promoted by the PR Office.

How to Create Accessible Documents

For information on how to create accessible documents, check the Virtual Valley Accessibility Guidelines. To access free online accessibility training, go to the Vision Resource Center in the LACCD Portal.

If you need assistance with creating an accessible event flyer, please submit a graphic design request.

Note: Do not to use Canva to create promotional flyers due to accessiblity issues. If you create a flyer using Canva, you will be responsible for making sure that your file is fully compliant for individuals with disabilities before it can be shared. 

Accommodation Statement for Campus Event Flyers

If your social media graphic or event flyer promotes attending at a campus or virtual event, it must indicate how to request an accommodation with an Accommodation Statement.

COVID Guidelines STATEMENT for on-Campus event flyers

Due to current safety protocols, all students, employees and guests need to complete health screening before coming to campus. To help share this requirement, the college has created a COVID-19 Guidelines for you to use.

If you are holding an event on campus, your event flyer needs to note the following COVID-19 Guidelines statement on the event flyers:

COVID-19 Guidelines
For everyone’s safety, masks are required indoors on campus and are recommended when outdoors at a crowded outdoor event. Before arriving on-campus, students/employees must complete their Cleared4 Health Questionnaire, and guests must complete the COVID-19 Symptom Self-Check on the LAVC homepage.

The LAVC Public Relations Office will contact you if they have any questions or need additional information.

Have a question? Please email the LAVC Public Relations Manager.