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PR Request Form

Student Clubs: Only chartered ASU student clubs and organizations can request assistance to the LAVC PR Office. Chartered ASU clubs must submit their request via a PR Request Form from their designated club advisor, or from the ASU Commissioner of Public Relations). Download the PR Office flyer for ASU Clubs

Organizations Renting a LAVC Facility: The LAVC PR Office will only be able to assist groups renting campus facilities with services are noted a * (or asterisk) in the services list. 

The LAVC Public Relations Office provides LAVC departments, programs, services, and ASU-chartered student clubs with promotional assistance for their on-campus events, and departmental news.

These services range from sending out press releases, adding event to the LAVC Calendar of Events, as well as posting announcements on the LAVC New Blog, in the weekly College Bulletin, on the college's electronic marquees, and on the college's social media pages.

Services can only be provided for LAVC departments, programs, services and ASU-chartered student clubs. In addition, very limited promotional assistance may be offered to organizations that are renting a facility on campus.

Any requests received from organizations or groups not directly affiliated with LAVC will be denied.


All requests for assistance from the Public Relations Office must be submitted via a PR Request Form on or before the following deadlines: 

  • Submit a request to send a press release to a specific media outlet
    • Request Deadline: One month prior (or 3 months in advance if you are asking for the press release to be sent to a monthly publication)
  • Submit a request to post an announcement in the LAVC News Blog (announcements on the LAVC Web site)
    • Request Deadline: 10 business days in advance of your event (or the specified requested announcement start date)
  • Submit a request to post a new blog item in the LAVC College Bulletin (weekly faculty/staff email newsletter)
    • Request Deadline: 10 business days in advance of your event (or the specified requested announcement start date)
  • Submit a request to post a short announcement on the LAVC Electronic Marquees* (on Burbank/Fulton & Oxnard/Fulton)
    • Request deadline: 10 business days in advance of your event (or the specified requested announcement start date)
  • Submit a request to post a campus event on the online LAVC Calendar of Events* (events taking place at LAVC)
    Please note: We do not to post course dates/times, enrollment periods, deadlines (except academic deadlines noted in the class schedule), hours of operation, online activities, or informational items.
    • Request Deadline: 10 business days in advance of your event
  • Submit a request to post a social media announcement on the LAVC Facebook Page and/or LAVC Twitter Page
    • Request Deadline: 10 business days in advance of your event (or the requested announcement start date)


The following items are handled by other departments, and require a different process to submit your request:
  • To request the creation of a homepage slide featuring your service, event or activity on the LAVC Web site, please email and to submit your request at least 3 weeks in advance of your requested start date.
    • Provide the requested dates to be featured on the homepage, the message/text you would like included in the slide, any logo or graphics you wish to incorporate into the design, and the URL where the slide should be linked to.
  • To create a new (or update your current) LAVC Web page, please contact Claudette Bentley in the IT Department at
  • To request for email communications to be sent to students, please contact Marco de la Garza in Student Services at; the Student Services Office will to determine which items qualify for dissemination to student email addresses.
  • To request the promotional assistance of LAVC Student Engagement, please contact Raquel Sanchez in the Student Life at


Step 1

Download the PR Project Request Form (Excel form)

(NOTE: Only one event or series of the same event on a request form, and we cannot accept requests forms that have no conclusion date for the request.)


Step 2

If you have an event flyer, please upload it to your department/program's LAVC Web page via the Kentico CMS. If you don't have access to Kentico and would like your event flyer to be posted on your department/program's Web page, please submit your request to

NOTE: All campus events must meet the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you require sample language for a Request for Accommodation Statement, please contact Sarah Song, LAVC's ADA Coordinator, at


Step 3

Complete the form. Enter all the required fields of information (noted with a *) on the Excel form.

TIP: Don't forget to note the URL to your online flyer and/or Web site on your form, so that we may share it in your announcement).


Step 4

Save your completed form into your “My Documents” (if on a PC) or "Documents" (if on a Mac) folder.

TIP: You may want to rename the form it so it is easy to find in your folder.



Email and attach your completed PR Request Form (saved in your "My Documents" or "Documents" folder) AND a graphic/logo for your announcement to your email.

TIP: If you want your event posted on social media (Twitter and Facebook), the news blog and/or the College Bulletin, you need to attach your logo/graphic in your email.


PLEASE NOTE: Any PR Request Forms not submitted to the LAVC NEWS email address may result in your request not being fulfilled.

Got questions? Please contact the Public Relations Office at or call (818) 947-2433.