Cooperative Education provides a tremendous benefit to both students and employers. Students have an opportunity to explore their career path prior to graduation. Employers can preview talented students, who are applying practical academic studies in their workplace.

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Describing Coop Ed Program

Benefits to Students

A group of studenst posing

  • Transferable college units for work/intern experience
  • A structured program to improve and advance at work while building your resume
  • Career guidance in a realistic setting
  • Program Available Spring, Summer and Fall
  • Earn income while learning
  • Gain actual work experience while going to school
  • Develop potential contacts to broaden employment options
  • Your classroom knowledge is applied to real work situations
  • You get to test your interests in a real work environment
  • Internship opportunities give you a chance to network and advance in your career.

Benefits to Employers

students meeting an employer

  • Employers establish a cooperative relationship with the college
  • Cooperative Education students are often more motivated, enthusiastic employees when they see their work is evaluated and translated into college units
  • Employers benefit when supervisor-employee communications and relationships are improved and clear goals / objectives / timelines are agreed upon
  • Obtain an expanded pool of qualified applicants
  • Have more motivated and directed employees/interns
  • Reduce turnover of entry-level employees

Benefits to college+community

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  • Cooperative Education helps students become more effective and productive workers
  • The economy benefits from an increased number of skilled workers with real world experience
  • Increases Faculty awareness of business and industry requirements
  • Provides the opportunity for the college to respond to the specific needs of the community
  • Cooperative Education builds positive relationships between LAVC and businesses and provides the campus community with access to knowledgeable people working in a variety of fields