About Cooperative Education


It is called “Cooperative Education” because the program establishes a three-way relationship between the student, the college, and the employer. This structured relationship allows students to create short-and-long-range career goals and to recognize his/her progress by establishing three measurable learning objectives for the semester. Cooperative Education provides a practical learning model for students and helps them prepare for their future careers through the integration of the on-the-job learning experiences and academic classroom lessons. By integrating both study and work, each area should be more relevant, interesting, and rewarding.


Students who are enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College and are employed either full or part time (paid or volunteer status) to a job related to their declared major or related field may enroll in the Cooperative Education Program and earn up to 4 units of transferable credit per semester. Earn up to 3 units of transferable credit if your job is unrelated to your major. The total number of units that can be earned in General Coop is 6 (over 2 semesters). The total number of units that can be earned in major-related Coop. Ed. is 16 (over 4 semesters). Coop. Ed. can be taken for no more than four semesters. The number of credits earned is based on the total number of hours worked for the semester (as listed below.)


IMPORTANT! Hours worked prior to submitting add permit will not be counted.


                 Total hours worked for semester must be:                           For volunteers / interns – credits earned are as follows:


                          75 hrs = 1 unit                                                                     60 hrs = 1 unit

                        150 hrs = 2 units                                                                 120 hrs = 2 units

                        225 hrs = 3 units                                                                 180 hrs = 3 units

                        300 hrs = 4 units (must be working in major)                      240 hrs = 4 units (must be volunteering/interning in major)



The work experience aspect of this program enables students to observe and apply principles they have learned in the seminars, in cooperation with members of management where they are employed.