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Curriculum Committee

 Distance Education Subcommittee 



In order to comply with the requirement that each proposed or existing course, if delivered by distance education, shall be separately reviewed and approved according to a District's certified course approval process, the VCCC has established the Distance Education (DE) Subcommittee.

If any portion of the instruction in a proposed or existing course or course section is designed to be provided through distance education in lieu of face-to-face interaction between instructor and student, the course shall be separately reviewed and approved according to the district's adopted course approval procedures. (Title 5 Section 55206)


The mission of the DE Subcommittee is to ensure that all distance education proposals meet the standards as set forth in Title 5. Furthermore, the committee reviews all proposed distance education courses to ensure they have educational merit and reflect positively upon Los Angeles Valley College.

Roles and Responsibilities

The DE Subcommittee reviews every course submitted for distance education approval to ascertain that the following requirements have been met (Title 5):

  • The same standards of course quality are applied to the distance education courses as are applied to traditional classroom courses. (section 55202)
  • Determination and judgments about the quality of the distance education course were made with the full involvement of the faculty as defined by Administrative Regulation E-65 and college curriculum approval procedures. (section 55202)
  • Each section of the course which is delivered through distance education will include regular effective contact between instructor and students. (section 55204)
  • Each instructional website meets or exceeds the minimum accessibility requirements set by the Chancellor of California Community Colleges. (section 55200)

DE Approval Process

  • Courses for DE approval are initiated by and approved at college level by faculty in the discipline.
  • College Curriculum Committee review each proposed and existing course offered through distance education separately in accordance with the provision of Title 5, sections 55200, 55202, 55204, and 55206.
  • The review and approval of distance education courses shall follow the curriculum approval procedures outlined in Administrative Regulation E-65 - Approval of Credit Courses: Standards and Procedures.

Criteria for Approval of DE Courses

  • Course objectives will be the same as in traditional course.
  • Quality of DE course is consistent with Los Angeles Valley College curriculum standards.
  • Regular effective contact between instructor and students is assured.
  • Instructional website meets the minimum Priority 1 level of Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI); Priority 2 is strongly recommended.

Procedures for the DE Subcommittee

  • The Department submits proposals for DE course approval to Academic Affairs.
  • The proposal is reviewed by the DE Subcommittee.
  • The DE Subcommittee evaluates distance delivery proposals on the basis of:
    • LAVC DE Course Outline Addendum with Department Chair's signature
    • Current approved LAVC Course Outline
  • The DE Subcommittee votes and reports to the Valley College Curriculum Committee.
  • The Valley College Curriculum Committee reviews the report and takes action.
  • Completed distance education proposals will be reviewed and evaluated in the order submitted.

Addendum: DE Definitions

An online course is conducted entirely over the internet. Course materials are posted on a course website.  Online courses never require meeting on campus.

hybrid course combines online learning with scheduled face-to-face class sessions on campus with the instructor.  The campus sessions meet at the scheduled days and times as indicated in the schedule of classes.

Revised Spring 2009