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Curriculum Committee

Vocational Education


VOC ED 96CE - Blueprint for Workplace Success (Course SLO)

VOC ED 98CE - 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee (Course SLO)

VOC ED 114CE - Microcomputer Literacy 1 (Course SLO) (DE Addendum)

VOC ED 115CE - Microcomputer Literacy 2 (Course SLO) (DE Addendum)

VOC ED 132CE - Entertainment Business (Course SLO)

VOC ED 152CE - Gig Economy Careers in Entertainment - The Development
Department (Course SLO) (DE Addendum)

VOC ED 153CE - Gig Economy Careers in Entertainment - The First Assistant
Director (Course SLO) (DE Addendum)

VOC ED 154 CE - Gig Economy Careers in Entertainment - The First Assistant
Director and Managing the Creative Environment on Set (Course SLO) (DE Addendum)

VOC ED 155CE - Gig Economy Careers in Entertainment - Business Aspects (Course SLO) (DE Addendum)

VOC ED 158CE - Introduction to Jewish Non-Profit Work (Course SLO)

VOC ED 159CE - Entertainment Business - Contracts & Negotiation (Course SLO)

VOC ED 284CE - Fundamentals of robotics and Programmable Controllers (Course SLO) (DE Addendum)

VOC ED 285CE - Practical Robotics and Programmable Controllers            (Course SLO) (DE Addendum)

VOC ED 423CE - Introduction to Insurance (Course SLO) (DE Addendum)

VOC ED 424CE - Fundamentals of Insurance - Property/Casualty and Health  (Course SLO) (DE Addendum)

*All outlines and SLOs updated in FALL 2018. DE Addenda upated 1/22/2021.



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