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Committee Meeting Dates

9/3/20, 10/1/20, 11/5/20, 12/3/20, 2/4/21, 3/4/21, 4/1/21, 5/6/21

1:30 pm, ACA 2507 (Online meetings during remote operations)

Committee Members

Tom Aduwo, Admin Services
Michelle Fowles, Institutional Effectiveness
Matthew Jordan, Academic Affairs
Elizabeth Negrete, Student Services

Faculty Members
Christina Peter*, General
Patrick Hunter, OAC rep
Scarlet Sarkissian, VCCC rep
Eugenia Sumnik-Levins, Chairs & Directors rep
Kevin Sanford, General
Vacant, General

Staff Members
Laura Weaver, General
Duane Martin, General

Student Member
Shoshana Cassell, ASU rep

* Chair



Program Effectiveness & Planning Committee (PEPC)

Program Effectiveness & Planning Committee (PEPC)



All committee sites have been moved to a new platform. This site is available for archive purposes and may no longer be maintained. Employees can access the new platform by selecting the button to follow. Login using your LACCD Employee SSO credentials (same for Outlook, Canvas, and PeopleSoft).

 New LAVC Committee Sites

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Effective as of April 19, 2021, this site may no longer be maintained or updated. Please use the links above to access current committee information.

The purpose of Program Effectiveness & Planning Committee

The purpose of the Program Effectiveness and Planning Committee is to facilitate the Program Review and Planning process, including the review of annual plans, comprehensive program reviews, the student learning outcome assessment cycle, and assessment of program viability. PEPC's long term goals are to aid and support departments in both the individual and collective activities undertaken for the improvement of the instructional program in accordance with the Educational Master Plan and college mission.

      2020-2021 Goals 

  1. Track the progress of viability report implementation
  2. Plan the timeline for the next viability cycle.
  3. Update the PEPC web page.
  4. Update the program discontinuance and hiring prioritization workgroup documents.
  5. Review and update the Program Review 6-year cycle.

Membership/Represented Constituencies (PDF)

Faculty Hiring:

Faculty Hiring Guidelines (doc, 35k)

Faculty Hiring Prioritization List Rubric (doc, 22k)

Faculty Hiring Handbook (PDF)


Committee Member SharePoint Site Access

How to use SharePoint (docx)